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elizabeth alesse : Greeting everyone,

I was recently prescribed clonazepam 1mg for insomnia because I could not sleep due to the amount of stress I was experiencing when I was diagnosed with a medical condition and it's interference with job/school.

Being aware of benzo tolerance/withdrawals I decided to take .50 mg of the pill, about 35-45 minutes later, I felt amazing. I was extremely relaxed, and I mean extremely, it felt like I was having a really good buzz. In fact so good, that I was able to sleep that night for a good 8 hours, I even felt it a bit in the morning.

Having recovered sleep that following night, I decided to not take the other half of the clonazepam. I really didn't get much sleep without it probably 3 hours, so I decided I will take it the next night.

anyway, the next night I decided to take the other half of the pill and it's effect this time took longer to activate and they were a lot less effective. I felt very slightly relaxed, didn't have that buzzed feeling, and it took me a longer time to fall asleep, and I ended up waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to sleep again.

Did I create a tolerance just from a .50 mg clonazepam? Should I take the 1 mg as dr prescribed? Or should I try .50 mg again?

This was my first benzo ever.

elizabeth anne mitchell cervical cancer : Sounds like tolerance or bad pills benzos are notorious with the way their tolerance will creep up on you. In my opinion just stay away from them in general I take 10mgs of lorazepam a day and don't feel shit....

elizabeth arden green tea skin care : for me benzo tolerance seems builds up faster than any other drug i have done. if i do say 2mgs of ativan(about half potency of klonopin but shorter half life), then the next day take 2mgs again i will feel almost nothing. at the same time though it still works great for me as far as for sleep and anxiety/panic attacks. personally i dont really care for klonopin. just makes me feel kinda lazy and tired. really good muscle relaxing properties though. i like xanax too but i feel more impaired compared to ativan. it's best to always take the lowest effective dose. is your doctor giving these to you just temporary or long term? if long term you need to be very careful. i was amazed and how quick i got hooked without realizing it. i didnt know until i decided to take a break and felt horrible. i had to slowly ween myself off. i just take them now as needed. make sure you take them how your doctor tells you. when i get my refill the pharmacist always tell me it's a 7 day supply. i tell them no it's more like a month supply, i take them long term as needed so i dont get a dependence. my dr told me i shouldnt take it more than once a week. the good thing about ativan is it is really clean. it goes in and out of your system very easily. you may want to try switching. for me the muscle relaxing properties are not as strong though. i dont recommend anyone take them if they have a substance abuse problem. it's just another thing they can get hooked on. these people need a trusted relative or friends to dispense them properly. many people do crave them and it's so easy to go thru your bottle fast then you don't even realize you're hooked. your dr can probably tell you more than i can. but at the same time i dont think a lot of doctors realize how habit forming they are. good luck!


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