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cheap palm drug book for nurses : for some time now, the European & African Events and North & South American Events forums have been little more than dumping grounds for spammers and event promoters who are not interested in community participation.

after a period of (staff-only) consultation and discussion, the two forums are now closed to new posts and will, eventually, be removed.


cheap paxil : Thank god, don't think I posted there once

cheap paxil no prescription needed : With that announcement now over a year old, it's probably safe to purge/delete those forums and tidy up the forum listings and the front page.

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cheap penis enlargement : I'm sure you've got nothing much else to keep you occupied, so I just thought I'd point it out. An active mind is a happy mind, or something.

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No rest for the wicked, ali.

cheap penis enlargement pills : Too bad. Everything in that other forum is dope related.

cheap penis enlargement pills pictures : Originally Posted by fasteddie Too bad. Everything in that other forum is dope related. This thread is a year old - The general discussion section is still open. (It was only the Events section that was closed)


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