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small warts back of hand : Here is the mega-list of our most popular threads in Drug Culture.

General Drug Culture Discussion
How High Are You?What Are You Craving?What Was Your Nightly Fix?What Was Your Morning Fix?What Drugs Have You Done This Week?

The Life of a Drug User
Your Personal Rules for Drug UseBest and/or Worst Tasting DrugsWhat Are All The Drugs Youve Tried In Your Lifetime?What Are You Prescribed?Do You Use An Illegal Drug Medicinally?What Drugs Are On Your To Do List?How Did You Get Into "Hard" Drugs?Do You Regret The Money Youve Spent On Drugs?First Drug You Ever TriedAre You An IV User? (Poll)How Open Are You About Your Drug Use?Drugs And FamilyWhat Is Your Favorite Drug? (Poll)Have You Ever Overdosed? (General Overdose Discussion)Most Painful Drug Youve SnortedWhen Did You Realize You Found Your DOC (Drug of Choice)?Your Top 3 Most Desired PrescriptionsBlackout Stories

Drug Culture, Community, and Society
Bitch About Your Dealer HereHow Far Are You Willing to Drive For Drugs?Whats The Worst Thing Youve Done to Get Drug Money?Someone Ever Steal Your Connect?How Did You Meet Your Dealer?Cities With Good Drug Culture (NO SOURCING)Drug Stories Youve Heard That Sound Like BullshitDouble Standards In The Drug WorldYour Experiences With The CopsDrugs In The WorkplaceYour Job And Your DrugsBeen Robbed In A Drug Deal?

Substance Specifics
What Kind Of Heroin/Opiate User Are You?Your Favorite Setting for OpiatesCocaine: Why?What Is Your Benzo Of Choice?What Is Your Favorite Stimulant? (Poll)Favorite Dip/Chewing Tobacco/Snuss/etc.Your Favorite Legal High/Research ChemicalWhat Are Your Top 3 Alcoholic Drinks?Why Is Meth Use Looked Down Upon?Opiates And Irritability

Rehab, Addiction, Maintenance Discussion
NA/AA/Rehab Sayings You Like/HateRehab: Is It Effective?Have You Ever Been To Drug/Alcohol Rehab?Methadone vs. Suboxone: Which Do You Think Is More Effective?What Are Methadone Clinics Like Where You Live?Methadone Mega: Dosing, Clinic, General Methadone DiscussionWhat Do You Consider Being Clean? (Poll)

The Arts
The Drugs and Music Mega ThreadThe Drug Culture Video VaultDrug Related LiteratureSongs/Tracks That Arent About Drugs But You Secretly Think They AreYour Top 5 Drug Movies, And What You Watch When Youre High

Miscellaneous, Random, Fun Threads
You Might Be A Tweaker If...You Might Be A Junkie If...Nodding Off At Inappropriate TimesWhat Drugs Have You Flushed?Worst Drug To Have Sex OnWorst Hangover/ComedownBiggest Buzz KillsBest Drug CombinationZodiac Signs And DrugsEmbarassing Things Youve Done On DrugsSubstances You Wont Touch AgainDrug Information That Surprised YouDrug Youre Obsessed With But Have Tried YetEver Lost Drugs?Longest Youve Been AwakeStories Of Being Caught By ParentsWorst Drug To Have Withdrawals FromWho Are The Shadow People?Drug SlangYou Might Be An Alcoholic If...

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