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cervical support for pain relief : Edit 30-Mar-2017 Updated chart and links. This is an important update to the colour chart reactions for ketamine. After years of testing, I have been able to confirm that Mandelin reagent and Mecke reagent are useless for detecting ketamine after 1 year of ideal storage (air tight container in the fridge). There was no colour change seen when using 1 year old Mandelin or Mecke reagents when testing ketamine. The same sample of pharmaceutical ketamine when tested using the same reagents when they were brand new reacted like this: immediately orange then a faded light red after a couple of minutes using Mandelin. It also reacted a pale light yellow after approximately 5min using very new Mecke reagent. Once the reagent is a couple of months old expect Mecke reagent to have no reaction to ketamine and Mandelin to still show an orange reaction.

At this stage I do not know how many months Mandelin reagent can be kept in the fridge for to still show an orange colour change and therefore still be okay for testing ketamine. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated! Please note that a common error when using Mandelin reagent is forgetting to shake the bottle before using. Please remember to shake the bottle to mix the yellow precipitate (solid) into the reagent liquid before using. Just to note that Mandelin and Mecke (like the other reagents incluring Marquis and Simons) still appear to have a strong reaction to MDxx and I have generally seen these reagents still work very well for years when stored well for detecting MDxx or 2C-x or 2C-T-x

Edit 9-Jan-2014 Updated chart, info document and links. This is an important update after a GC-MS & reagent tested PMA pill has shown that PMA can sometimes show no reaction to Mecke and therefore we need to be aware of this so as not to confuse the reactions as with those for Ketamine especially when not using Robatest.

I've spend many hours putting together a one page colour sheet that should cover the most common things found in pills sold as ecstasy. It also includes some of the most dangerous substances, just in case. I've sought the help of a couple of chemists who have made test kits. I've reagent tested GC-MS verified samples of DXM and PMMA for my chart. I used pharmaceutical amphetamine and codeine for my chart. The 4-MMC and methylone were tested from multiple batches from multiple sources from different highly regarded chemical suppliers. The 2C-B and 2C-T-7 where both high quality pure white powder samples from highly regarded sources. I've hunted high and low and read through quite a number of resources to iron out the conflicting results (for example LSD in liquid and pressed pills turns orange NOT black). I believe this is this is the most accurate up to date one page sheet available for what is currently pressed in pills. It is aimed at printing out so you can fold it up and keep it with your kit.

Here is a screen capture of the chart. Look below for the link to the .PDF document so you can print it in high quality.

Here is the link to the actual .PDF Colour Chart.
Again those of you not using international ISO standard A4 paper (such as North America using US Letter paper) make sure you choose print preview and select shrink to fit page.

Please note that your reagents will last longer in the fridge especially if you experience hot summers. If you do this please be absolutely sure you have tightly closed each lid and wiped any liquid from the outside of the bottles. You would do well to purchase a small airtight plastic container for your bottles or if not at least place the test kit inside two zip lock bags. This is to minimise toxic vapour coming from the bottles and getting into any food in your fridge.

For more in depth reagent results covering the range of research chemicals please follow this link:

PM me if any of the links to the documents are no longer working and I'll try to repost them.

Lastly just in case anyone is wondering the DXM and PMMA samples have been flushed. Also the samples of 4-MMC, Methylone, 2C-B, 2C-T-7, amphetamine and others tested are no longer in my possession. Many of them I actually used up or disposed of years ago

cervical surgery complications : Great thread! Thanks for putting this up

cervical swabs for chlamydia and gonorrhoeae : Thanks, very useful!
However, I've a question: how comes that LSD tabs and blotters won't cause any color change? I think that's a bit strange...

cervical symptoms of pregnancy : Amazing!

Thanks for this eks!

cervical texture pregnancy : originally posted by desertshoreHowever, I've a question: how comes that LSD tabs and blotters won't cause any color change? I think that's a bit strange... What I've been told from multiple BLer's is that LSD liquid reacts orange to Maquis. However I've come to assume Marquis in the presence of blotter paper goes black from the acid charring the paper whether or not there is LSD on the blotter or not. So a better test for LSD blotters is Ehrlich as this is reported as a reliable test in multiple forensic resources with a LOD (Limit of Detection) of 6µg. If this LOD is accurate then it means theoretically even a fairly weak 60µg LSD blotter you'd only need a minimum of 1/10th of a tab to test. That said I'd probably test 1/8th of a tab and then throw in a second 1/8th of a tab if I didn't get a reaction just to be sure.

cervical thinning pregnancy : ^Would you expect other substances to undergo similar changes after being applied to blotter? I wonder if HPβCD reacts? or gelatin?

EDIT: Both the sources I found say LSD in sufficient quantities turns Olive Black (a specific shade of black from the Munsell Book of Color, it's a little lighter than the black you'd expect on an olive).

EDIT EDIT: ^Unless you eat good olives lol. Also some of the NBOMe's have been reported to turn orange, perhaps these LSD samples were phenethylamines?

cervical thyroid artery : ^Can't comment on reagent results for beta-cycodextrin compounds as unfortunately I flushed my beta-cyclodextrin when I flushed my 25C-NBOMe and 25I-NBOMe substances. Decided it was time I stopped playing with 25x-NBOMe compounds since the risks seemed to outweigh the gains. Reports of overdoses & hospitalisations were only increasing. My own experiences didn't produce a very insightful trips and 25I for some strange reason required ridiculously high dosages for me to get visuals and a trip which scared me. I decided enough was enough.

To answer more of your questions on LSD testing with Marquis please check the link below. Yes I too have read a number of Forensic Documents that say olive black for Marquis and only one that said orange but I think this answers it...


By JackHaveNot
"I believe that marquis reagent showing LSD as olive-black is a myth. I have seen good liquid tested with both modified ehrlich's reagent and marquis and samples that tested positive (purple) with ehrlich showed orange with marquis. I have also seen good blotter tested with Marquis, and I understand why they would say olive-black. My assumption is that the olive-black is either a result of the blotter charring or the way the orange is misinterpreted when tested in the paper.

Ehrlich reagent is much simpler though. The purple is unmistakable." I have seen at least two other posts on Bluelight by different people testing liquid they trust to be good LSD and getting orange with Marquis but I can't seem to find it now. Anyway that was the only one I came across that also used Ehrlich to confirm it.

cervical tuberculosis lymphadenitis : Here are the updates I've made:

- New warning on Colour Chart regarding PMA not always reacting green to Mecke and therefore the reactions maybe confused with those for Ketamine. (Explained below)
- Added web address on Colour Chart to TheAzo's page for many more reactions to other drugs
- Changed all listings on Colour Chart & Info Sheet from Robadope to Robatest since this is the current name the reagent is sold by. Those who still own an old bottles of EZ Test Robadope this is the same reagent.
- Updated the Info Sheet with more better testing procedures & safety advice and fixed up many typos.
- Updated screen capture image of Colour Chart.

So the main reason for the update is that after reading this pillreport and this page on EcstasyData there is evidence that a lab (GC-MS) tested PMA pill can have no reaction to Mecke. I have a number of forensic papers and many with differences or errors in the reagent results. The most reliable one I've found is: Journal of Forensic Sciences - Spot Tests: A Color Chart Reference for Forensic Chemists by S. H. John, A. A. Wist and A. R. Najam 1978 It states that PMA goes lime/green to Mecke. I tested a lab (GC-MS) tested PMMA pill and it definitely went green quickly with Mecke as shown here: If I was to make a guess I don't believe the n-methyl group will make a big difference for Mecke reactions (such as PMA or PMMA) seeing as MDA reacts in the same way as MDMA and MDEA. Bottom line here is people need to be aware that a PMA reaction could be misinterpreted as a reaction for ketamine especially to the inexperienced tester or not using all the 5 reagents. PMA should react to Mandelin fairly quickly and strongly. It should also react to Robatest as others have seen but this test is much weaker and slower needing around 5mins and sometimes 1/10th of a pill is necessary. If done incorrectly or with a weak PMA pill maybe the tester will not see a reaction. With mixed results documented from Mecke giving either a strong green or nothing at all we need to be extra careful not to mistake PMA for ketamine. If unsure re-test. I know when I tested PMMA it reacted light green to Mandelin only for a second or so before going a rusty red then brown. This was also the reaction stated in the Journal of Forensic Sciences for PMA with Mandelin. Interestingly enough others who have done the test only noticed the red brown colour so I always say it never hurts to re-test, use a good scraping size and keep your eyes peeled for every detail of the reaction.

cervical uterine cancer : After previous issues not allowing me to edit my original post, this is now sorted. The post at the top now has the most recent updated colour chart & information.

cervical uterine cancer survival left untreated : The eppendorf tubes only last a few days or two (according to someone who sells test kits, so I wouldn't exactly trust that), but I always throw mine out after a single day anyway.

That requires you only to have to carry a tube.. instead of a glove, bottle of reagents and another bottle to do the reaction in. Do be sure to tape it closed, though. Don't want acid spilling out into your pocket

cervical uterine cancer survival without treatment : Ok please answer me.. Where can I get this magical "test kit? "

cervical vasodilator drugs : If you are interested in reagent results for newer RC's that have been verified by GC/MS take a look at:

We are currently in the process of making mandelin reagent so i will add the mandelin results when avaliable. When i find enough time i will create a nice color chart

cervical vasodilator drugs stillborn : magical test kit?? Well if you want to call them that! Anyway I like as they sell all 5 of these reagents worldwide. Some other places that sell some but not all 5 of these bottle of these reagents include (in Canada) (in USA) and (in USA).

Please note that some vendors may have conflicting or different colour chart results for their reagents. Generally though the formula for Marquis, Mandelin, Mecke, Simons & Robatest (Robadope) should be the same from one seller to the next and have all the same reactions. The only rumour I have heard on differences to the forumlas is regarding a rumour about bunk police reagents a year or two ago that they were possibly watering down their reagents to minimise risk if spilt on the skin since they do a lot of testing at festivals. Again I don't know if that's true. Differences in the colour charts are due to in my opinion mistakes in the forensic literature or impure samples tested. One common example is companies claiming Mandelin will test orange for cocaine when in actual fact pure cocaine is reported to have not reaction and impure samples react orange. Also 4-MMC reacting yellow to Marquis is common in some impure samples and no reaction with very pure samples.

I have spent a lot of time on this simple resource to make a free, simple to use chart that should hopefully contain the most accurate and relevant results for things that can be in pills. Lost of literature was looked over and many samples were tested. Feel free to use any information you wish if you are pill test kit maker who may wish to improve the resources they provide with their kits.

cervical vertebra seizure canine : Thank You Very Much for your in depth analysis. Without a doubt, you have logged many hours collecting and testing samples and compiling data sources. I know this is not an easy task, and in many circles (certainly not this particular tribe) this work is not considered acceptable behavior. I know the arguments all too well, which find their base in propagating ignorance. I find that Harm Reduction is often falsely misinterpreted as condoning the use of banned substances. I am of the belief that unshackled souls will do what they feel is right and necessary, regardless of the consensus of the sheep. I currently am finding myself at the cusp of middle age. I learned through trial and error on many counts, given what limited resources i had as a young adult. However this need not have been the case. I consider myself very lucky that when uncomfortable situations, which from time to time may, or may not have escalated to emergency status, had not cost me my life, or the lives of my fellow Inner Space explorers. I was lucky to have knowledgeable, reliable and quick thinking friends who could act rationally in hazardous and often chaotic moments. Regardless, though it has been over a decade, simple information in the field of harm reduction could possibly have saved myself a visit, or two (give or take) to the nearest friendly emergency department.
The ability to simply access much of the data found in your postings, and elsewhere on this site, as well as other well known internet locations (few as they are but containing a wealth of knowledge), may, if my comrades had been willing to learn and curious enough to dig, could have saved many of them similar grief. Possibly yet, still more than a few from an early untimely and unnecessary grave.
Although not all can be saved, regardless of information provided to the contrary; There will always be the reckless, gung-ho, and hell bent on mentally and physically testing their body's limits, (for fame and fortune, presumably, if not sadomasochism, to absolutely no worthwhile end) and to the detriment of their health, i believe there are far more individuals with whom value exploration of the borders of their minds and bodies with no lasting negative affects.
I know many persons wish to enjoy the world in which they find themselves with a renewed positive perspective, and ultimately wish to both Do No Harm, and leave the world and their environment better than that which they had initially found it. I know I do. Thanks to your information, and countless other contributors, we are, by in large, safer to explore, play, experience, alter and enjoy this current incarnation we have been blessed enough to be a part of. Life is hard enough to navagate, and there is barely an available manual and compass with which to traverse the sometimes harrowing waters. I appreciate your willingness to impart seemingly basic knowledge in order that we may have a star to guide our ship of fools by. Mainstream audiences will always have their criticism, fueled by fear, ignorance and the illusion of control. Thank you for not being persuaded by the lost and idiosyncratic, the citizens of Babylon. Carry on sir Ekstasis-//7, carry on.

TL;DR-- I appreciate your diligence in compiling the information we need to carry on simple Harm Reduction. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. many blessings.

cervical vertebrae clinical examination : Updated the colour chart and added the new link to download. For more details on the update please refer to the post at the top of the page.

cervical warts : Great resources and research, thanks

cervical warts picture : HERE comes the chart to rule them all

And here is a searchable database of all the BunkPolice videos:

cervical x : hey every one I'm new to EX had bad experience done one sold me laced one fucked be up calles game boy cAn any one tell me how do I know what's the good stuff

cervicalgia and muscle relaxants : erock424: It's difficult to understand your question because of the spelling and grammer errors but I think you are asking for information about an ecstasy pill called Game Boy?!? Please note this thread is not the correct place to post these questions as this thread is only regarding the Colour Chart Sheet I made. I would reccomend you first look on to see if you can find a report on the pill you speak of that is also in your area and around the time you consumed it. If you wish to post a question about a specific pill I would refer you to post it in the the Pillreports Discussion Section of here's the link:

cervicalgia and muscle relaxers : The link to the video database you provided is one I've just found recently and is amazing since their samples are reported to all be verified by GC/MS and using new reagents. The other simpler link to the same resource is

Unfortunaltey that Reddit colour chart you provided a link to even from my first few seconds of looking at it has has some very bad and potentially quite dangerous errors if people took it as fact. I'll show you the five I've found that should explain my reason for saying that. Since this is what I picked up from spending only a few seconds looking at it I would expect to find many more errors if I spent more time analysing it in detail.

The Reddit chart says:
PMMA - no colour change with Mecke <---THIS IS NOT TRUE

PMA - light yellow (or green) with Froehde <---THESE ARE THE WRONG COLOURS

PMMA - Clear < Pink < Purple with Ehrlich's <---THIS IS NOT TRUE, THERE SHOULD BE NO COLOUR CHANGE!

PMA - Green to Brown with Mandelin <---SHOULD AT LEAST SAY "GREEN TO RED/BROWN"
PMMA - Green to Brown with Mandelin <---SHOULD AT LEAST SAY "GREEN TO RED/BROWN"

These Reddit colour reactions for PMA & PMMA are not accurate in my opinion when compared with those from GC/MS verified samples of PMA & PMMA that have been reagent tested. I would refer you to my thread on PMMA reactions for more info and images:

I have personally reagent tested a sample of a pill that was verifed by GC/MS to contain only PMMA which you can see in the link above. What I found was that Mandelin reacts only very breifly to a light green (which some people can miss) before going a dark red brown (like rust) then dark brown before slowly fading to a less dark brown. Mecke reacted quickly to a dark green.
These reactions I saw for Mandelin & Mecke with PMMA should be the almost the exact same for PMA and here is at least one picture example showing this from the same guys who helped make the video database you linked to (Reagent Base in Slovenia) using GC/MS verifed samples. It also verifies the correct colours for reactions using Froedhe

Here is what the original poster (uncle_bud) from Reagent Base said of that picture:

PMA,PMEA and PMMA will not react to: Marquis, Ehrlich, p-DMAB-TS. PMA also won't react to Simons.

So there really i no way with reagent's to differentite between them, except PMA from PMEA/PMMA.

All samples are GC/MS verified. P.S. The colour in the picture above for PMA using Simons Reagent is not a reaction but rather the reagent itself is pink. Also keep in mind that Mandelin Reagent is itself a bright yellow colour, so please disregard the yellow you see in the reactions in the photos as this is just unreacted Mandelin.


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