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celebrex migrain : I'm an authoress with a short story on the go.

Would uppers, downers and psychedelics each be normally related to a specific colour, the tablets that is?

Thanks in anticipation.


celebrex migraines : ok just curious in the old days when people reffered to reds-they met uppers? what are the blues, some kind of barbituate? are qualuudes greens?, most 2mg benzo's are white, ativan,xanax,klonopin......just curious

celebrex migrains : No.

All kinds of drugs come in all kinds of colors.

In the "old days", "Reds" were usually referring to pentobarbital (Seconal).

celebrex mitochondria : Yea man give me some uppers, downers, laughers, screamers, quackers, ludes, pooes, scramblers, ramblers. Yea man far fucking out

celebrex mixed with bactrim : In the 80's blue was speed.. now it normally refers to diazepam 10mg (around here, anyway)..

Other than.. nope.. not that i know of.


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