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massage for fibromyalgia missouri : Ok so here is the deal. I take venlafaxine on à daily basis. 175mg. And this friday My Buddy and i Were out drinkin. Alot. Got real wasted. After that he had some small mdma crystals, and i NEVER done heavier dryga, and not doing since many years back. He had some Little small stuff, i was like fuck it. I took some crystals, tasted like salt as hell. Then i got back home, chilled, puked hard and fell asleep. Now 2 days after i feel headaches and really bad anxiety, that this could be dangerous for me.

I just need some calming words.

/ scared bro

massage for impotence melbourne fl : Hey Anon,

been taking venlafaxine for for a year or more, too.
As you probably know, venlafaxine and alcohol don't mix really well. That's one thing.

Please don't take any other drugs while you are on venlafaxine again. This sounds strongly like a serotonine syndrome.
As it's know done and you basically okay, just wait for it to go away.
Eat to get minerals and vitamins back and I guess you'll be fine, at least some days from now.

Again, just stay away from amphetamines, coke and the like. It won't do any good. If you really feel the need to take drugs, first check if it interferes with venlafaxine.

Be safe, THW

massage for leg edema : Hey you posted this a while back but i hope you're over the scared part and feeling ok. I'm on antidepressants and I've had that after MDMA, those bad headaches and anxiety, it can last for a while, couple weeks actually. Also not a great idea to drink on it. Anyway I hope you're ok now...


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