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celebrex generic alternative : OUch....3 years of tramadol. that must be horrific. tramadol is a shitty synthetic opiate that also plays a major role is fucking with your serotonin, especially the receptor sites that deal with emotion. I suggest you get yourself some L-tryptophan. have it at night, or in the morning. benzo's are good but be very very careful with over use/abuse. dont replace a tramadol addiction with a benzo one. good luck bud.

celebrex generic drugs : I know this started as an old thread but I just wanted to share my experience in the hope that it may help someone else struggling with this evil drug.
I completely and wholeheartedly feel for anyone that is dependant or going through withdrawals from this. I too have been in an abusive relationship with tramadol. It started after I was prescribed it after an operation. I was instantly in love. I adored the physical and mental energy that they provided me with. That content, warm and magical feeling was immense. I loved the daily ritual of taking tramadol, it got to the point where I was taking more and more. Then disaster struck, I ran out of my supply. I had to start lying to the doctor just to get my hands on my beloved tramadol. I got to the point of taking 400+mg daily. These tablets were taking my life, my soul.
On one occasion, I accidently overdosed. It was a horrible experience.
I knew I had to withdraw, I had to do it for my children and myself. These tablets were destroying me. What once made me better was now turning me into a lying, devious wreck of a woman.
I made the difficult decision to quit cold turkey, I didn't tell anyone and I didn't have any support. I kept this nightmare to myself. Once the withdrawals started, I was in a lot of discomfort, this was the worst withdrawal ever known to man. For a week I was a nervous, shivering, nauseous wreck. Never have I felt so bad in my entire life, it was literally a living hell getting through it, I felt like death warmed up x100! But I did it, I conquered it. I felt so very proud, I was excited that I did not need these nasty, horrible tablets anymore. This was over a year ago and I have never touched tramadol since. It is an evil and nasty drug that will destroy your heart and soul in the long run.
Anyone contemplating or going through a withdrawal - you can do this, you're strong, we all have that strength somewhere inside of us. I promise you that you will be so proud when you acomplish it. It's such an amazing feeling. You can and will do this, I have every faith in you. I'm always a PM away if anyone would like to chat/rant/moan. Please be safe and know that there are people to support you in your tramadol journey.

celebrex generic equivalents : for harm reduction i just want to add u can have a seizure withdrawaling from tramadol so it can be u should see a doctor or taper do not cold turkey if u havebeen dependent for a long period of time

celebrex generic medication : .it was great support but unsafe advice no matter how i perceive it ..if someone searches "stop tramadol" in google this thread could pop up so u have to include the serious dangers.i was thinking about less experienced people reading this i shouldnt of even mentioned your post il edit it..i wasnt attacking you but if you are gona persuade ppl that they should stop/quit u NEED to put down what COULD happen i was just being helpful it could save someones life..

celebrex generic name : I agree, thank you for taking the time to reiterate the dangers of stopping tramadol cold turkey. It was wrong of me not to include the dangers in my post. Really appreciate it mate thanks.

celebrex generic prices : Damn! If a doctor tried to give me tramadol after a surgery I would be irate! Tramadol is what you get when your pain is barely beyond NSAIDs and otc pain relievers reach. Fuck that shit!


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