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we are looking for someone who will:

take the lead in the creation of content on the BL Wiki. this does not mean that they are expected to do everything themselves, it means their job is to make it happen. this would entail interacting with volunteers in the forum, promoting the wiki project, recruiting volunteers, helping out with technical support (e.g. formatting queries), etc. etc.keep the wiki & the forum well organised, properly formatted, and free of vandalism, spam & spammersmaintain user management on the Wiki, ensuring all users have the appropriate level of access

think are you right for the job? if so, PM felix, vaya and myself answers to the questions below to apply

do you have any experience with wiki software? if so, please describehow would you suggest we generate new content?why do you want to work on the wiki project?what sort of time can you dedicate to the project?
applications due by sunday july 8th 11:59 PST

and now you are prolly wondering what is in it for you? well...

you get a larger PM box!access to the staff forum where you can have a say in site policy as well as interact with 100ish staff from all over the world!!the knowledge that you are helping making harm reduction information more organized and accessible!!!

silvia almanza and diabetes : *bump*

we extended the deadline!

silvia almanza diabetes instructor : thanks to everyone who applied. i hope you all continue to contribute and help us develop content for the wiki

silvia brunelli and hct : Yes, much love and thanks to ALL!!

~ Vaya


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