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ceftin drug and uses : Here's something that can hopefully help out with the MDPV page.

Introduction and Basic Description:

Methylenedioxypyrovalerone is a long acting stimulant which acts as a neuroepeniphrine-dopamine re-uptaker, so the "buzz" is comparable to cocaine or methylphenidate, though longer lasting, and a little more rough around the edges. Unpleasant side-effects tend to present themselves with high or repeated dosing, to a more marked degree than with other stimulants, suggesting the possibility of a highly adrenergic active metabolite. Consequently, binging is to be avoided, even moreso than with other stimulants.

MDPV and MDPK are both abbreviations for 3,4-Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (Figure 1). MDPV was first synthesized as part of a class of stimulants in 1969. MDPV is the methylenedioxy analogue of pyrovalerone, a Schedule V stimulant first synthesized in 1964. Pyrovalerone, available under the trade names Centroton and Thymergix, is used as an appetite suppressant or for the treatment of chronic fatigue.
MDPV is currently a schedule 1 compound in the United States. MDPV is found as a white or light tan powder. Users report the devel- opment of an odor when left exposed to the air. There are cur- rently no known studies on the effects of MDPV on humans or on proper dosing. MDPV is commonly described as boosting a user’s libido, however it is also associated with extreme anxiety at higher dosages. (quoted from This DEA document)


Physical Effects:
Pupil Dilation
Increased heart rate
Vascular Constriction

Positive Effects include:
*increased arousal
*increase in motivation

Undesirable Effects:

Dosage info:
MDPV is a very powerful stimulant, and is active at dosages under 5 mg. it is wise to scale out this substance, due to its long duration, and it's reputation for causing anxiety, insomnia and paranoia.

Administration and Onset:

Onset usually starts within 10-20 minutes of consumption. This ROA lasts the longest. A starting dose for oral would be 10mg for full effects, though lower dosages still can be felt. The plateau is around 180 minutes.

Onset is typically felt within 5-10 minutes, with plateau effects at around 2 hours. A good starting dose would be somewhere between 5-10 mg.

MDPV can be smoked without turning it into freebase form. This is a very intense ROA, so dosages should start off low, no more than 5mg. Effects are felt within seconds, and the user will experience a rush similar to freebase cocaine. Effects plateau immediately, and the high lasts a good 45 minutes, before the crash begins, at which point stimulation and anxiety are felt, and euphoria is replaced by a sense of immense unease. This ROA is known as being particularly fiendish, and like crack, it is hard for users to resist the urge to redose.

This ROA is very dangerous, and with a long acting stimulant like MDOV, it can prevent problems, as intravenous administration is fiendish, and there is a string desire to redose which can quickly lead to paranoia, and psychosis. The onset is about 5 seconds, and the user will feel a very powerful rush, similar to cocaine (minus the ringer), which can induce nausea. It is very important if one does choose to inject this substance, that they start off at low dosages, such as 2-4mg.

Methylenedioxypyrovalerone is also known as MDPK, MTV, Magic, Maddie, Black Rob, Super Coke, PV and Peeve. It also was commonly sold under bath salt titles such as Ivory Wave.

Contraindications and Overdose:

Negative Short Term Side Effects:

Negative Long Term Side Effects

Addiction and Withdrawal Issues:
Here are some experiences from Erowid regarding MDPV. The substance is very addictive, and users often report a need to redose throughout the day (I'll find a good quote here ). The crash is similar to other Amphetamines and Stimulants, and the withdrawal mainly consists of intense depression, apathy, and lethargy. Continued dosing can easily cause paranoid audio and visual hallucinations.

I started bumping 3-5 mg twice a day, a few times a week in early September 2010. I currently attend a top 10 university, I intended to use the drug for study purposes and all-nighters, not recreational use. (Swear to God, not tooting my own horn, just giving background) My addiction started out slowly. For the first 5 months, I had no negative side effects. No paranoia, mood swings, hallucinations, nothing. I agree, it is one hell of a motivational stimulant and the euphoric feelings were unmatched for those few months. I began to increase my dosage to 10mg twice a day by mid Jan. 2011. That is when it went downhill. Fast.

Long story short, I was reckless one week. After a five-day combination of cannabis, alcohol, sleep deprivation and probably 100mg of MDPV (overall), I felt horrid. There aren’t words in the English language to describe the depression and anxiety that I felt. I thought campus police was outside my house, attempting to arrest me. I thought friends and loved ones were plotting against me. I was hearing sirens and fog horns constantly, from multiple directions. I heard voices of my friends talking shit about me. I thought my hair was falling out and bugs were crawling on me. Basically hell. I was in hell.

Thank God my best friend (who has since refused to speak to me) called an ambulance when she found me in my room, huddled on the floor. I was rushed to the emergency room. I had a 140 bpm (normal resting being 55) and was seizing. By this this I was seeing hallucinations of monsters, aliens, demons…. (Erowid Experience Vault.

This is all I got so far, I'll expand and reformat when I return.

(so far sources are erowid, DEA- :0 , and wikipedia, I'll get more.)

ceftin drug information : Hey Z, this is an awesome contribution man.

I'm not sure how much effort you'd like to spend on this, but if you took over, say, half the information compilation, I would volunteer my time to take the other half and really make this MDPV page happen...

For an idea of all the bullet points that ought to be covered in a typical wiki page (but not definitive) see my meth wiki, all those sections are the same as the ones listed in the template for new drug pages, which can be found here for your reference.

Let me know! It really doesn't take much time at all - hence why I think doing about half of the work would be just about right
Kinnnda have to admit i burned myself out a little bit on the Meth one, having done it by myself... but that wont be the case here.

Thank you once more That's awesome initiative.
PS for any info you post, could you provide a source? Even a rogue hyperlink, and I can reformat it later. Thanks!!

~ Vaya

ceftin ear : Sure man, I'm totally for this! I'm going to check out your meth page and get more work done on this right now

ceftin er : Yeah man I mean I'm not trying to say that meth wiki is the "gold standard" for wiki pages, but it's more than the TemplaterugFAQ page is (which is a generalized overview) bc you can see specifically what kinda info was included under which sections... IDK I just feel it elucidates the content more.

BTW do you have any sections that, right off the bat, you'd like me to begin with? I'm not sure which one's you think you want to dig up info on, so hit me up and I, too, will get crackin'

You're amazing for suggesting this and continuing to follow through, btw.

ceftin eye drops : Definately the mechanism of action lol, I do not have the ADD mindset, and I fear that I might screw it up. Also, if you can help me find some more sources that would be great, as well as contraindications.
I'm going to check out your meth page now to see the format .

You cam also help with the chemistry section, and legal status as well.

And hey, I really a, getting a lot out of doing this, and I plan on helping out on other BL wiki's too, provided this one is looking good so far. I got a lottt of free time to kill, and I'm really into this kind of thing.

ceftin f c : Investigators suspect that Eugene may have been suffering from a drug-induced psychosis, possibly prompted by an LSD-like new drug called "bath salts."

Unrelated yet related

ceftin for dogds : Originally Posted by Blue_Head Investigators suspect that Eugene may have been suffering from a drug-induced psychosis, possibly prompted by an LSD-like new drug called "bath salts."

Unrelated yet related Lsd like? Not at all, maybe in the same boat as meth tho

ceftin for dogs : should not be taken by any persons with mental illness. especially those prone to paranoid delusions! Temporary loss of sanity.

ceftin for ear infection : I added some elaboration about its mechanism of action and updated the bit on legality.


ceftin for infected tooth : Thanks, ebola?

ceftin for inflammation of mastoid : I am also wondering about this:
"There are cur- rently no known studies on the effects of MDPV on humans or on proper dosing."

Well, you only have clinical data on humans with intermediate stage clinical trials and data on proper dosing in mid-late stage clinical trials, so it's par for us to lack such data, even for RCs the govt. deems prolifically used enough to warrant banning.


ceftin for lyme treatment : The Basics:
Intro and basic description:
MDPV - Methylenedioxypyrovalerone is a psychoactive recreational drug with stimulant properties which acts as a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor.

Timeline of Experience:
Onset: 1-5minutes (depending on ROA)
Peak: 5-15 minutes
Plateau: 5-7 minutes
Afterglow: 0 minutes to several hours (depending on experience, and amount used)
Baseline: several hours after use

MDPV's effect vary from person to person, and are very unique. Unlike the wipespread cocaine across the continents, MDPV has been known to come at a high purity. Effects are similar to that of cocaine, but are much stronger. Similarities can be drawn but differences are noted after personal experience/use. The fact that MDPV is a TRI - effecting the serotonin, norephedrine, and dopamine systems in the brain makes it trigger a lot of empathogenic effects cocaine doesn't have to offer, and all the speed and staying up late such drugs as amphetamine, or methamphetamine have to offer.

Oral: Never tried
Nasal: 5mgs (light), 10-20mgs (normal), 20+ mgs heavy
IV: 5mgs (light), 5-15mgs (normal), 15-20mgs (high), 20+ mgs (heavy)

Method Of Administration:
Smoking, Oral, Insufflation, IV injection

PV, Peevee, Commonly mislabeled as"bath salts"

Contraindictions and Overdose:
Like most stimulants MDPV poses a thread on the cardiovascular system as well as potential harm to the cardiovascular system via a side effect known as vasoconstriction. This can be helped with taking L-arginine, as well as the seasoning cayenne pepper. L-taurine has been known to help with some of the side effects of MDPV as well, including heart palpatations (this has been reported but is not well documented).

Neg. Short-Term Side effects:

Desire to redose.

Negative Long-term side effects:
Possible psychological damage when heavily abused.

Addiction and withdrawal issues:
Easy to acquire and high potency equals heavy addiction potential if the user is unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Withdrawal issues include anxiety, which can often lead one to re-dose, which may lead to more anxiety. Beware!

Harm Reduction:
Be careful with your doses, plan ahead and stick to your plans! Be and clean and productive person, even while using! Keep your nose/veins clean.

Legal Issues:
None currently, but after it's banned/scheduled for a while plan to see issues grow.

Background and Chemistry:

History of Drug:



MDPV can be prepared by modifying the alkylation-oxidation-bromination-amination route to cathinone analogs. This involves a Grignard alkylation of piperonal, oxidation of the resulting secondary alcohol back into a ketone, alpha halogenation of the aromatic ketone with bromine, and subsequent amination with pyrrolidine. *cited from

Mechanism of Action:
TRI - triple reuptake inhibitor acting on the serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine systems of the brain.

Trip reports and links:

Trip reports:


Category: Drugs FAQS [Category: Phenethylamine]

ceftin for sinus infection : Hmmm...we already have a draft FAQ on mdpv, found here: Please take a look and let me know how you'd like to go forward possibly merging them.


ceftin for urinary tract infection : I'd definitely like to get the dosage information in there - as the draft only has something about 5mgs, I think what I've posted is reasonable. I'm sorry I don't smoke it so I don't have information on that, but if need be I can ask around and get that info quickly.

I'd also like to add the information about L-arginine and L-taurine. That is all good information, I've even posted here about the taurine (although not many people posted in the thread). Also the information about cayenne pepper helping with vasoconstriciton.

Basically if you see anything worth taking from my template, please feel free to add it. Especially the above stuff without a doubt.



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