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celebrex dental pain : this is absurd -

might i communicate with someone of senior or administrator status ?

celebrex depression : any bluelighter is free to contact senior staff at any time:

Bluelight Senior Moderators - Who Covers Which Forums?
Bluelight Administrators - Who Covers Which Forums?

however, as you're currently on a temporary ban, you're unable to pm or access the email link.

you can post in this anonymous forum but there's little to be discussed here. the bluelight infraction system automatically issues a temporary ban based on a system of points (related reading: minor change to the infraction system ).

you disrupted the tds forum yesterday across a number of posts. the tds staff sent you a private message asking you to correct that behaviour and, when you did not, an infraction was issued. you had 4 points on you record (for other infractions issued in june last year) which brought your total number of points to 5. you'll see from the link i posted, that triggered an automatic 2 week ban.

at this time, i see no reason to reverse the decision the tds staff made to issue the infraction yesterday.



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