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celebrex doses : why the fuck have my responses/posts been

*disappearing from existence as I am typing them? I am sober, or nearly so,

*sand individual...

*just fucking happened again! in fact 2x since starting this rant!!! WTF!!! just to show the proof, i'm not retyping or editing anything that disappears but marking it with (*) and starting a new line to show where it happens, seriously I have lost 75% of what i had already typed here and don't much feel like typing it again so much of my fucking point is now wasted on fucking digital waste! And I am such a slow shitty typer that this really

*AGAIN!!! fuck this...I have just wasted another 20 just to get this unintelligible, mees of a fucking rant onto thi

*AAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!! in conclusion, WTF is wrong with this site? Is anybody else experience this bullshit? Can I fucking help fix this most annoying feature? Does it come free with the membership?

Anyway thanks for pushing through this all but worthless, disorganized, piece of shit rant that I have apparently so poorly been able to compose in any organized fo

*TF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HH please respond is it me or is this just a new member perk not previously mentioned? also wTF is with not being able to add a space in the middle of a line without it taking over h'...............

*never fucking mind i guess, this obviously is not working for me...please reply if this sounds familiar...

celebrex dosing : have you been sure to check the stay logged in box?

celebrex dosing and cardiovascular risk : It sounds like when MSWord/ has been open too long, and you go to type something, and it types over what you've already typed... Sounds like the "auto save" feature is overwriting whatever the user is currently typing. I'd be curious to know what version of which browser they are using.

celebrex dosing as needed oa : When you decide that you want to reply to a particular post, begin by typing it into a word document. By this time you will have 'timed out' of the page you're on, so simply press the refresh button and log back in, which should bring you back to the same page. Then cut and paste your post from word.


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