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simple ways to start a diet :

wasnt quite sure what sections this belongs in.

simple weight loss : Homeless --> Wiki

(mods, please send back to Homeless if you can't use this)

simple weight loss diet : I reckon we can probably make an Adulterants FAQ out of this, but I would need some help.

simple weight loss diets : The second post of this thread can be used for the ecstasy adulterant section.

simple weight loss exercises : Originally Posted by OverDone Homeless --> Wiki

(mods, please send back to Homeless if you can't use this) It would be an interesting and widely applicable Wiki if we could get it generated, although we'd *really* need community help.

I've sent a message to the OP asking whether or not he/she would be wiling to contribute information for an Adulterants Wiki. If not, I'll collaborate and see what should be done with this, as I probably have the personal resources/experience to write up an *extremely* abridged version of what I feel ought to go into this type of thing. However, I feel I ought to pursue this as it is vital to Harm Reduction.

~ vaya

simple weight loss in purple book : This is a great book, I've been reading into the subject for years and this seems to be an excellent starting point to find more publications I haven't read yet. Thanks a LOT!!


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