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skin rash from savella : So I was near the end of the water extraction technique when I had to abrupty stop cooking. So I took the pulp and water and put that into an insulated crock pot type thing with a top on it. My question is can I put it back on the stove in like 4 hours in order to evaporate the rest of the water off? Or is the extraction basically fucked once it has cooled? There is way to much water to gag down right now so I really would like to boil the water off. Another question is can I boil the water once I extract the pulp or will that destroy the mescaline?

skin rash from skelaxin : You will have no problem continuing your extraction even after it has cooled. I would like to say that mescaline is fairly stable and would survive boiling the water once the pulp is gone, but I'd wait for someone more experienced to step in.


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