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celebrtiy weight loss diets : Hey all, I got excited when I noticed that there were separate pages on the BLWiki for "Salvia" and "Salvia Divinorum", but sadly the organization was not what I was hoping for. I kind of figured that the "Salvia" page would either redirect or at least contain a link to the Salvia Divinorum page, but instead they are totally separate pages (though only the Salvia article has been filled in to any extent).

I propose that we move most of the content from the Salvia article (most of which is about S. divinorum anyway), and place it onto the Salvia Divinorum page so instead we can use the Salvia page to encompass the other psychoactive species within the genus such as S. apiana, S. nemorosa, possibly S. splendens, etc. Each of these doesn't really need its own page, but should be represented separate from S. divinorum as their affects can differ radically. This isn't to say that S. divinorum should not be included in the list, more so that it should probably not be the Salvia article's main focus. Any thoughts, questions, or other possible solutions?

celebruty pregnancies : *bump* any ideas? I think I might just move the contents from the Salvia article over to the Salvia Divinorum page, then setup the Salvia one as a disambiguation page for the various smokable psychoactive sage species in the Salvia genus (say that five times fast).

celebruty weight gain : *irrelevant link removed. PM me if you have any questions. ~ vaya*

celebs acne : Great idea, Enix - I'll get on it. Thanks for catching that - I'm not so sure we need to focus on creating pages for the various other species of Salvia, at least not at the moment. It'd be good busywork, without a doubt, but I think finding contributors, or contributing ourselves, to finishing half-complete pages may be of more value at the moment (especially while we wait for certain things to happen, i.e. installing the Cite.php plug-in, gaining server access, other things discussed in the Planning discussion).

Let me know if you disagree - I have no problems either way, so by all means if you're really into it go for the whole species' lineup!

But yeah I'm moving content as we speak. Good looks!

Originally Posted by YellowPolkaDotHalo YPDH, we are working very hard, on our own donated time, to create something special here. I more than welcome your assistance, suggestions, questions, and any other constructive activities related to our Wiki project you may wish to share.
As far as I can tell, however, linking us to 'Puff the Magic Dragon' on Youtube falls under none of the aforementioned categories. Please be more discriminating when you post, save it for The Lounge.

~ vaya

celebs addicted to prescription drugs : "Salvia" now redirects to "Salvia Divinorum" page and is protected from alteration and movement for the time being.
"Salvia Divinorum" is no longer blank, containing the information originally displayed in the blanket "Salvia" page, with an additional note at the top of the page leaving open the possibility of further contributions on different species:

Originally Posted by Vaya Note: This page refers to the genus Salvia, species sub-type Divinorum. Wiki users: Contributions addressing additional species of Salvia may be proposed in Bluelight's Wiki Forum. ~ vaya

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