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challenging behaviors in alzheimer's : Why isn't there just a fuckin section where I can just talk to people man? Im completely shit faced and I just wanna talk to people, you know? Like I wanna meet some new fuckin friends on this forum man this forum is filled with so many fuckin nice people man i just wanna fuckin tell everyone how much I love everyone for makin this forum the best fuckin place ever man!

challenging behaviour in dementia guidelines : Watsup bro

challenging cancer : sup bro how you doin on this fine ass thursday

challenging cases in obesity : i guess im not allowed to talk to people on this forum, my thread in the lounge just got closed LOL!

challenging drug detection dogs : I think this thread might get closed...

challenging exercise for obese : me too, anytime. I have been around the block. and then back. many many times.

Just ask. peace,

challenging provocative canine : You talk in the ttys threads in the lounge..

challenging substance anaphylaxis : Support doesn't do a social thread, but I think i could get away with making a homeless social thread for a couple days Hold on I'll change this thread title, move it on to homeless and sticky it to the top.

Warped reality you are now the founder of Homeless Social.

challenging thoughts for eye contact anxiety : ^^Good call, though TL may eat him up and spit him out. If the OP wants to try, go here - TTYS v. Elder Abuse Prevention Month

Otherwise, DC usually keeps a running social thread for people fucked up and needing to talk, here's the current one - How High Are You? Vs. i got these cheeseburgers, man!

chalmers cancer center hutchinson kansas : the BL ED IRC chat has a lot of BLers. You can even chat in real time!


chalmette drug bust : wooooh the founder of a homeless social go warped reality

chalmette drug bust winn dixie : So whattup people. Anyone seen any good film lately?

chalmydia durning pregnancy : Homeless social... lmao... I picture a bunch of bums sitting around a trash-fire, drinkin tall cans and bushitting all crazy-like... I love it

@warped reality- maybe you shouldn't drink such a powerful beverage knowing its goonna cause problems finding ppl to talk to later on... lol I'm just kidding... I do the same thing

chalmydia in pregnancy : OHAI GUYZ

Hope you're all swell on this fine Saturday eve'

What's everybody's poison tonight? I'm on the chamomile tea and Kratom!

chamber drug review : ^ its only 1:30 in the afternoon out here... but a little bottle of whiskey and a big jar of herb make it a very nice one tospend outside with the pup

chamber erection : Nice! There are few things I enjoy more in life than taking a bit of Kratom, rolling a couple joints and taking the dog up the woods for a couple hours

How's the weather there? We've already had our annual week of summer weather so it's back to pissing down rain the past week!

Wishing I was in California!

chamber of herbal secrets : It just started getting hot last week... gonna keep getting hotter till july or august... november will bring rain cold and snow up the hill... its about 80F (27C) and partly cloudy with a mild breeze

chamber recital program : this is the best thread idea on bl in ages.


chamberlain md cancer : ^ haha Tahoe.. one of the "up the hill" spots that's a place to be in the winter time ... there and reno... for norcal-ers

chamberlain's pain balm des moines ia : ^ indeed. until very recently, i worked in ski school at a ski resort in south lake.

i disagree with you about reno - it sucks because rico lives there


chamberland filter bacterial : I have only passed through Reno on a bus, is it really a good thing I didn't stop a few days. I'm told it is the jewel of the west.

chamberland filter candle bacterial : With the burning man culture and nightlife its pretty rad

chamberlin speeches depression : I gotta make it to burning man one of these days... I find it more appealing than going to a massive.

chambers brothers drug conspiracy : This thread is taking off!

Had to chime in. What's up homeless social?

chambers brothers drugs : Drunken smod pretending that the internet is VERY serious on this side of the screen. What's it like on your side NT?


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