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celebrex price increases : Homeless Threads Guidelines
Please read before posting!!
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Quick Rules:
No Sourcing No Pill or Drug Identifications No Drug Testing Questions

The last two rules are mentioned further below, and sourcing is against the BLUA (Bluelight User Agreement), which you agreed to upon registering for this site.

What is Homeless Threads?

Homeless Threads is a forum where you can post a thread if you are unsure as to where your thread may belong. Several threads are moved daily to their appropriate forums by various staff members. Many users (old and new) often times are unsure as to where their threads belong, and this forum offers a solution to that problem.

On occasion, even staff members are unsure as to where a thread may belong, so your thread may sit here for a while until we arrive to a conclusion as to where your thread would be better suited to get the move valuable information about your questions, comments, concerns, etc.

Drug Related Topics: Focus Forums or Regional Drug Discussion Forums?

As you'll notice, every forum has a forum description beneath the name. This is to give you an idea as to what topics are discussed in each forum. Our focus forums range from basic drug discussions, such as Basic Drug Discussion to more advanced discussion on specific drug use, such as the Other Drugs, Ecstasy Discussion, Psychedelic Drugs, and Cannabis Discussion forums. However, we also have regional drug discussion forums that cover nearly all topics related to drug use, questions, etc. in all areas of the world, such as Europe & Africa, North & South America, and the Asia & Australian Region. Generally the regional forums tend to give more expansive advice regardless of drug knowledge level. If you find that your thread should be moved to or from any of these forums, please let a staff member of the forum in which your thread resides to move it to the appropriate forum.
On the very rare occasion, your thread may not be suited for any forum, so it will remain here. That does not mean that your thread will not get answered. It just means that there may be some content in which there is no specific forum that covers that topic.

Lastly, there are even fewer instances of this happening, but your thread may be closed because we simply do not cover the content related to your thread. If this is the case, your thread will be closed and a reason will be given. If you have further questions regarding the closure of your thread, please contact the person whom closed your thread.

Pill IDs and Drug Testing Questions:

These questions occur frequently on Bluelight, and we do have forums which cover these topics. However, at this time, both of these forums are now closed, but you are still able to access the information within these forums.

We do not allow Pill IDs or Drug Testing Questions anymore. If you ask one of these questions, your thread will be closed. We urge you to please search both of these forums first, and if you do not succeed, please try an alternative resource for these questions.

Drug Testing Forum
Pill ID Forum

For Pill Identification, please also try: Pill Identifier Pill Identifier


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