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ceftin f c : Just keeping you, our membership, aware of what is happening behind the scenes.

Site Content:
BL WIKI goes public - DONE! We will look into making it more accessible via QuickLinks, NavBar, and-or forum header. So far we have successfully migrated our 'Bluelight FAQ', BLUA, most of the Greenlighter Guide, and more! If you'd like to help out on building this resource (either migration of existing FAQs, or the creation of other new ones) please stop in our WIKI forum and see what's going on.

WORKSHOP goes public - a place for new site projects, where anyone can pitch in. This forum is open now, but we will evaluate in coming weeks the need for any moderators to keep the forum focused and organized.

Drug Studies Content expansion - DS mods and Admin are looking to better integrate the research community with our site members in mutually beneficial ways. Our first step will be to start including links in the headers of targeted forums in an effort to raise member awareness of research that may benefit them or studies in which they can participate (see our Aus Drug Discussion as a prime example of this already in place).

Partner Sites (banner exchange, cross linking, etc) - Partner Sites? What is that? The likes of erowid, etc. HOWEVER, to best manage this, we're thinking of simply putting it as a thread in the WORKSHOP - this will provide an easy checklist of who is up for consideration, who has been added, and who has been declined (and why). Look for a thread in WS soon after the forum goes public. New thread in the WORKSHOP is here - Partner Sites

Bluelight proper - upgrade from 3.6 to 3.8 during the 3rd quarter of 2010 in an effort to close some security gaps and clean up some bugs. It is possible that this upgrade will break the old JOURNAL and GALLERY areas. We will explore the migration to vb 4.0 sometime later in the year, but that jump will most assuredly break the old JOURNAL and GALLERY. We ran this announcement in an effort to prepare our members for losing these old areas of the site, no more notice will be given regarding them. We will, however, try to give some advance notice of possible down time when we do the planned upgrades both in site-wide announcements and through our twitter feed. We expect to have brokelight up and available during those times.

Site Funding:
Admin access to accounting - DONE!

Regular updates to donations bar - DONE! Monthly!!

Expand transparency of accounting in - Donations Discussion thread - We wish to include research funding and site expenses, and are continuing to work on sharing this information.

Blacklight has historically been used when one of our members passes away, however rather than continuing this pattern, we will set aside one week per year to acknowledge the passing of all Bluelighters, and to remind the rest of us of our moratlity and to stay safe. The week chosen is Jan 28 - Feb 4, in honour of the passing of our site's long term benefactor, xtcxtc. Similarly, we are looking into changing the user accounts of deceased members to some other title (perhaps 'Blacklighter', or 'In Memorial') so you can expect a call for suggestions and a public poll to choose the most appropriate title in the coming weeks.

Changes to our site disciplinary system - This has been out for awhile, recently updated with an explanation of how long each ban would last, and how you too can get a free vacation from the site

Added a link to BLUA in the footer of all pages, so members can't argue it is hard to find and staff have it quick at hand should they need to quote it.

Our 'Contact List' page now includes a link to the ANNOUNCEMENT threads where Admin and Sr. Mod forum assignments are listed (same as my sig).

Bluelight Day - We were looking for a way to celebrate our Harm Reduction mission, and this thread was put in SUPPORT for a bit to gather suggestions and try to reach a publicly chosen time to do this each year. However, we'll give another run at this shortly, since the earlier poll got very little voting. We'll open it back up for more suggestions shortly

For any discussion, please visit our corresponding thread in SUPPORT - Heads Up ver JUNE 2010


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