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skin cancer of the anus : With the help and suggestion of sixpartseven I've gone ahead and made a new page with the request of somebody creating a page on the "official" Wiki on Codeine-6-Glucuronide (C6G) - the main metabolite of Codeine now thought to be responsible for the majority of it's Analgesic and potentially Euphoric action

If anyone who has a clue how to edit / create pages on Wiki (I tried and failed massively) would be up for this it'd be really, really grand

The info I've managed to find on C6G is as follows:
Codeine analgesia is due to codeine-6-glucuronide, not morphine.
Details of Chemical names and a diagram of it's chemical structure.
Analgesic effects of codeine-6-glucuronide after intravenous administration
Metabolism process of Codeine.

Again, thankyou muchly if somebody chooses to go ahead with this, and no worries if not as I can imagine it being a bit of a task

skin cancer of the breast : Awesome job on getting the ball rolling. Just so you know, we're getting things together still, so it might be a slow going getting this project finished for the time being. We really appreciate you utilizing the forum and starting a project though. Hang in there - give people time to check out the forum and get involved - and soon enough, you'll see your idea come to life, living on our Wiki.

skin cancer of the ear : Time isn't as precious a commodity as info so all be well in that respect
Nice to know this will go forth Cheers 6/7!

skin cancer of the eye : It is a bit of a task as various papers don't agree with themselves on this topic.

skin cancer of the eyelid : What yields for each conversion in your pdf file? Would be nice to have em. I heard it converts into morphine with 10% rate.

skin cancer of the head : Wiki gives a good chunk of metabolism ratio:
Roughly 5-10% of codeine will be converted to morphine, with the remainder either free, conjugated to form codeine-6-glucuronide (~70% ), or converted to norcodeine (~10% ) and hydromorphone (~1% ). Seeing as it's a good 70% or so, there must be atleast some effect. Compared to Morphine, I (used to ) get so much more from an equivalent dose of Codeine.

skin cancer of the nose : intesting , i always thought codiene got you high by coverting to morphine.. ive always preferd codiene to morphine but always thought it was in my head

skin cancer of the rectum : Codiene has more for an acute metabolism than morphine even though the latter lasts considerably longer in duration of effect. Morphine is stronger as an injected painkiller than an oral painkiller.

skin cancer of the scalp : So why are CYP2D6 inducers effective at increasing the effects of codeine, if this is true, then?

skin cancer of the shoulder : Because Morphine still has an effect, albeit a slight one.
I'm not suggesting that Codeine's effects lie souly on C6G, but that it must play a large role.

skin cancer of the symptoms : OK, so I know you asked this about a year ago, but let's try and do some work on it.

If you can give me the text, I'll take care of the formatting. Post it here, email it to me, Word doc, whatever. I can convert to Wiki pretty easily.

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