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epinepherine dosing in anaphylaxis : Here you go.

Basically, due to the likelihood of Codeine-6-Glucuronide being a larger part of Codeine's effects than previously thought, I'd love it if people with any Knowledge of the compound to make a bitchin'-ass page about it
As you can see, there's absolutely nothing on this compound even though it seems like it's quite important and extremely interesting (atleast for me).

If you could do it would be superkalatittylistik
Cheers guys n gals!

epinepherine in the treatment of anaphylaxis : As you seem to know more about it than most, if you want to make the process even faster and more reliable, you could always research it yourself and put it on the wiki. You're allowed.

In any case, if you aren't a student or alumni of a college and thus can't do the research, hopefully someone else takes it up, I guess. The subject is not my area of specialty.

epinepherine inhalers : Here at Bluelight, we have our own Wiki. This forum is not about creating pages for Wikipedia. If you'd like to request a page be built on BL's Wiki, we could probably start a thread where people can post requests for pages they want to see built, but this forum is not about building pages for Wikipedia. If you want to see information on that drug on Wikipedia, you can do as halley suggested and build it yourself.

If you'd like to see it on BL's Wiki, I suggest starting a thread in this forum where information on the drug can be compiled and organized. That will make adding it to our Wiki much easier. At the moment, we aren't adding anything new to our Wiki but we will be shortly, so go ahead and start collecting information and organizing it here. The sooner that's done, the sooner it could be added to the Wiki.

epinephrin allergy nyquil : Aaaahhhhh I see. I was under the impression that a group of knowledgeables were getting together to update and correct Wiki pages that were a bit iffy in terms of being ... well... Wiki
Originally Posted by halley in any case, if you aren't a student or alumni of a college and thus can't do the research, hopefully someone else takes it up, I guess. Yup, I'm not a student of Pharmacology at all, I just read up on stuff and some of it will stick in my brain, other stuff will slip out.

I'll have a search for info about C6G and compile it together to add on here or make a Wiki page myself. I'm gunna have a look at the BL Wiki now
Cheers guys!

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I had a go at making a Wiki page myself about it but failed miserably
I'll just add info I found here so some kind soul could maybe make the page for me? **hint hint**

Codeine analgesia is due to codeine-6-glucuronide, not morphine.
Details of Chemical names and a diagram of it's chemical structure.
Analgesic effects of codeine-6-glucuronide after intravenous administration
Metabolism process of Codeine.

epinephrin drug : Since this thread has kind of shifted towards discussing the forum, may I suggest starting a new thread with something like "Project - Codeine-6-Glucuronide" as the title and post all the information you've collected so far in the first post. This is where everyone will be able to work together on compiling the information, organizing it, and eventually adding it to the Wiki.

As for be confused about what we're doing here, you made an honest mistake, and it brings up an important issue: members aren't quite sure what our intentions are with this forum, if they even know this forum exists. Since you were one of the members unsure about it, you might have a suggestion as to how we could better explain this place and show people that it's here. Any thoughts?

I have two questions, if you don't mind:

- What made you think this forum was about building pages on Wikipedia?
- Did your request arise because you found the forum (you saw the Wiki forum before coming up with the idea for the page) or did you seek out the Wiki forum after coming up with the idea (you had the idea first and came to us for help)?

I'm asking that second question because if your answer is the first option - and I'm just speculating here; thinking out loud - it could mean you accidentally stumbled across this forum. If it's the second option, that could mean you knew about the forum already and when you came up with your idea to create that Wiki page, you thought of this forum and came here to post your idea. Am I way off, or about right?

Your answers will be helping us figure out how to go forward from here, so thanks in advance.

epinephrine abilify : Sure thing 6/7, I reckon that's a good plan. And ofcourse not, I don't mind at all

The reasons I thought this was directly linked to the "official" Wiki was that I had noticed that the standard of info on the chemical compound sections had upped itself a bit - there seems to be much clearer, more in-depth and better referenced info on these pages and I thought, after seeing this section a few times (though admittedly not coming in for a look), that you guys were getting together to improve the Pharmacology sections of Wiki (which I thought was a balls-to-the-wall, fucking excellent idea ).

As for suggestions on how to make the intent of this place clearer, all I'd suggest is a sticky page literally named "The aim of this subforum" with what's actually taking place

epinephrine abilify interaction : Thanks for taking the time to respond to that.

As you can see, this forum is brand new and we're still doing a lot of planning on how it's going to work, so input from the members will be a huge help.

Thanks again!

epinephrine adrenalin auto inject anaphylaxis : Ask, and ye shall receive, monstanoodle. The picture is a little rough, but I'll replace it later if someone else doesn't clean it up first.


epinephrine adrenergic agonist insulin : Originally Posted by Enix150 Ask, and ye shall receive, monstanoodle. The picture is a little rough, but I'll replace it later if someone else doesn't clean it up first.

Cheers! This forum is about the Bluelight Wiki Project, which is different/separate from Wikipedia. If you refer back to the wiki forum page, there is a stickie thread up top about how to contribute to the BL wiki.


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