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mareen willing : The Australian, NZ and Asia Harm Reduction Contact thread is out of date. Some of the organisations still exist, but contact details or personnel may have changed.

If you know of any organisation you would like to see represented, please provide a few details and a link. Examples include, but are not necessarily limited to:

Outreach groupsWebsites providing HR related info or referral to other HR organisations.Community groups offering HR servicesHR focused forums (offsite)Injecting drug user support servicesRehabilitation based organisationsFamily/ user support groups

Once we have an updated list it will be merged with still relevant parts of our existing HR threads and form the basis for our new HR resources thread.

When suggesting a HR contact, where possible please include basic Info: type of organisation, primary focus, product/services offered, affiliations with other groups etc.

and provide:

Link (URL):
Contact Name
Address, including state if relevant

Please also consider our guidelines before posting links.

If you feel something has significant HR value but violates our guidelines in some way, contact a mod and we'll weigh up the pros and cons.

By all means comment where relevant, but please keep unrelated chatter to a minimum.

mareen winkelmann : KIS (Keep it Simple)

Drug and Alcohol, Sexual Health and Mental Health information for Sydney clubbers/ravers/festival goers. Harm minimisaton based- we don't condone drugs but accept that people take them.

KIS (facebook)

[email protected] / 0413543773

Manly Drug Education and Counselling Centre
91 Pittwater Road
Manly NSW 2095

Phone: (02) 9977 0711
Fax: (02) 9976 2319

DanceWize (facebook)

DanceWize is a program of Harm Reduction Victoria (HRV). The DanceWize goal is to provide our peers with accurate, credible information about Harm Reduction.


128 Peel Street
North Melbourne

(03) 9329 1500
[email protected]


A site for organisations and individuals who wish to work collaboratively to reduce drug related harms.

This is an invite only site but a great HR resource. If you work in AOD or have another reason for wanting to join, PM your details and I'll pass these on to the site admin.

RaveSafe Crowd Care (facebook)

Longest Standing RaveSafe Harm Reduction group in Qld. Services include providing unbiased advice, free water & suncream, and a safe and supervised place to rest at festivals and rave parties.

Contact Michael via facebook or [email protected]


Bluebelly is a collaborative Harm Reduction project that aims to gather and provide concise, relevant Harm Reduction information about amphetamine type stimulants

contact: [email protected]

mareen winkler : ^Top idea P_d
If I get any idea's I'll be sure to add them.

mareen wohlert :

Statement of Intent
Increase support for youth and drug and alcohol services to respond and deliver accessible, appropriate and effective drug and alcohol services to young people in Queensland.

Visit for contact details and more info.

mareen zeise : Not exactly HR so to speak. But I still feel that it would be a usefull addition to this thread.

They are a mental health organisation targeted at young people with drug and alcohol issues. They have many walk in clinics located all over the country and are a usefull contact to keep lying around if ever you find yourself in need of some assistance.

Alcohol and other drugs

It’s good to be informed about alcohol and other drugs - the more you know, the easier it will be able to make good decisions and stay safe.
What are drugs?

A drug is any substance that you take into your body that affects the way your body works. Drugs cause physical and/or psychological changes. They act on the brain to change the way someone thinks, feels or acts. They are often classed in three different ways: depressants, stimulants and hallucinogens, it all depends on how they affect the central nervous system.

Drugs can be legal or illegal. Legal drugs are those that are available and controlled by laws including alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and various medications. Some legal drugs can also have harmful side-effects. For example, taking medications other than how they have been prescribed by a doctor can be dangerous to your health.

Illegal drugs include cannabis (marijuana), ecstasy, heroin, amphetamines (speed) and others.
Drugs and mental health

Some people make the mistake of thinking that taking drugs can help get them through tough times. Drugs, including alcohol, can contribute to, or trigger, mental health problems in people. Mental illnesses linked to drug use include anxiety, depression, paranoia, panic attacks, and psychosis.

Find out more about the following drugs and how they can affect your mental health:

* Alcohol and binge drinking
* Cannabis
* Ecstasy
* Amphetamines – speed, ice, crystal meth
* Cocaine
* Inhalants
* Heroin (coming soon)
* Tobacco (coming soon)
* Other drugs (coming soon)

mareen zellerhoff : Thanks L3inad, yes a very worthwhile addition.

mareen zierke : Hey p_d, there was a recent-ish thread where madmick19 listed a heap of health clinics, needle exchanges, etc:

Would it be worth merging some of that info into this thread if it's not already in a sticky somewhere?
__________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

Edit: Copying the following from the linked thread as I know they're still operating here:

Biala Health Clinic
270 Roma Street
Brisbane Q 4000
Telephone: (07) 3837 5611

Needle exchange open 24/7 as far as I can recall, free fits, $2 for a wheel filter + water ampoule

For other health services their hours are:
Monday, Tuesday and Friday: 8.20am - 5.00pm
Wednesday: 8.20am - 12.00 noon
Thursday: 9.50am - 5.00pm
No appointment is required.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________

Some handy info regarding Medicare's Mental Health Care Plans:

maremma ivermectin :

Hey VIVAIDS is now called Harm Reduction Victoria. Their new website is still under construction ( ). The address given above is correct - the web details soon won't be. Similarly, DanceWize is the new name for Rave Safe in Victoria.

Steroid Peer Education Program (Melbourne) 0417 529 678 (Kay)

Melbourne Primary Health Services for people who inject (including needle syringe programs):
Inner Space Collingwood 9468 2800
Foster St Clinic Dandenong 9794 7895
Health Works Footscray 9362 8100
Living Room Melbourne 1800 440 188
Access Health St Kilda 1800 627 727 (next door is HIE 24 hr needle syringe program Grey St - only 24hr needle syringe program in Melbourne)

There are also night time car based needle syringe delivery services covering a lot of Melbourne, plus distribution outlets across the state in places like community health centres. You can ring Direct Line 1800 888 236 to find your closest one.

maren zabel : Hey p_d, there was a recent-ish thread where madmick19 listed a heap of health clinics, needle exchanges, etc:

Would it be worth merging some of that info into this thread if it's not already in a sticky somewhere? Yeah, that's kinda the intention. We'll start by getting fresh info - links, then add the still current stuff from other threads. Feel free to add any older links belarki, just so long as the organisations are still operating.

Thanks ayjay

marena birth control : sigh, I hope people use these resources.

"if only" i knew these things existed when i was growing up in the mid 90s. sigh, might have saved a few years of my life.

marena birth control imlant :

Western Australian Substance Users' Association

WASUA website

The primary aim of WASUA is to improve the health and social circumstances of people who use/inject illicit substances in WA. WASUA is a community based, not for profit organisation that advocates in the interest of people who use illicit drugs including heroin, amphetamines, pharmaceutical drugs and others.

WASUA is a peer based service whose staff and volunteers generally have first hand experience of illicit drug use. If you would like to become a volunteer we encourage you to get in touch with us.

WASUA Contact details

519 Murray Street , Perth Western Australia
Phone: (08 ) 9321 2877
Phone: (08 ) 9791 6699 (South West Bunbury)
send us an e-mail at [email protected]

marena contraception : big thumbs up p_d

only the real value of your work is fully understood when you find yourself standing on the otherside of the fence

marena contraceptives : Thanks eddie_eagle

Also remember comments, criticisms, suggestions or praise regarding any listed organisations are welcome.

Providing these are not offensive, you can post here. Alternatively, PM me. You may know of someone helped by such an org, or even have a story with a less than happy outcome. Whatever, your views are welcome, as are any missing details about an organisation or it's affiliations.

marengo warehouse diet to your door :

Alcohol and Drug Foundation Queensland.

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation Queensland is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) dedicated to reducing the individual and social harms associated with alcohol and drug use and to promoting health enhancing behaviour change.

Our extensive experience and expertise means we have the ability to develop and conduct dedicated programs for, and on behalf of, a variety of stakeholders including state and federal government departments, large and small organisational clients.

Postal Address :
PO Box 332

Phone : 07 3834 0200
Fax : 07 3832 2527
Email : [email protected]

i've seen a therapist through this organisation who helped immensely while i was in a rut at that period of time. i would recommend even though i didn't have the best end result.

mareo on drugs :

Family Drug Support

1300 368 186

Family Drug Support was formed in 1997 after its founder Tony Trimingham lost his son to a heroin overdose. Bereft, Tony felt frustrated by the general apathy and ignorance of his own experience. This was also the plight of many other families. Realising this was but the tip of the iceberg, a public meeting was called where hundreds of people attended.

FDS was formed as a result. FDS is a caring, non-religious and non judgemental organisation. FDS is primarily made up of volunteers who have experienced first hand the trauma and chaos of having family members with drug dependency. They have travelled the same road.

(Check out their site for links to AOD services in various states)

I referred someone to this place yesterday, so I'll update this post if there's anything noteworthy to report.

mareos y nauseas :

Turning Point Website

Direct Line - 24 hour - (for help with referral or counselling) 1800 888 236 (Victoria)

Check this page for more phone options

Treatment and support

Turning Point provides a wide range of specialist treatment and support services to people affected by alcohol and drug use. Our focus is on the provision of clinical services by qualified and experienced practitioners within a research and education environment. We aim to provide leadership and excellence in alcohol and drug services, develop new approaches to treatment and provide community-based practitioners with specialist support.

Turning Point works with people experiencing problems related to a range of drugs including heroin, alcohol, amphetamines and cannabis. Our specialist clinical services cater for the needs of clients with complex needs such as young people, pregnant women, polydrug users or people with mental health diagnoses. Turning Point also offer Clinical Online and Telephone services (Counselling etc)

Check their website for details

mares aborting after medications : Queensland Aboriginal Islander Alcohol & Drug Services (QAIAS)

27 Llewellyn St
QLD, 4005
Phone: (07) 3358 5855

It's actually a rehab, but they provide out patient counseling and other drug and alcohol related services targeted at aboriginal/ torres strait islanders.

mares producing milk during pregnancy : Alcohol and Drug Program Canberra

* Alcohol and drug 24 hour helpline

If you think a family member or friend may have an alcohol or drug problem, call the Community Health Intake 24 hour helpline on (02) 6207 9977 staffed by professional workers from our Alcohol and Drug Program.

* Counselling & Treatment Service

The Counselling & Treatment Service begins with an assessment conducted by an Alcohol and Drug Program clinician, after which a plan is drawn up jointly with the client. Call the Community Health Intake 24 hour Helpline on (02) 6207 9977.

* Diversion service

The diversion service provides programs that aim to divert people apprehended for drug use or drug related offences from the judicial system into the health system. Call the Community Health Intake 24 hour Helpline on (02) 6207 9977

* Methadone services and alternative pharmacotherapies

Methadone services aim to minimise the harms related to opioid use. Methadone comes in the form of a syrup and is used to treat heroin dependent people. In Australia, methadone is only legal within a treatment program. Call the Community Health Intake 24 hour Helpline on (02) 6207 9977

* Needle and syringe program

The Needle and Syringe Program aims to reduce the risk of transmission of the HIV virus and other blood borne diseases for injecting drug users by providing sterile injecting equipment and education. Call the Community Health Intake 24 hour Helpline on (02) 6207 9977. If you find a needle or syringe (also called a Sharp) in a public place or on your private property, call the SHARPS Hotline on 132281.

* Withdrawal services

Withdrawal from alcohol and some other drugs often requires medication to avoid potential harm associated with ceasing alcohol or other drug use. Call the Community Health Intake 24 hour Helpline on (02) 6207 9977.

marevan : For Melbourne Quitting Opiates, Quitting Cannabis, Benzos etc:
Here's where I got all my implants of Naltrexone (opiate blocker for up to 6 months). they are pretty casual but they have been doing it for years. They have new medication regimes for quitting cannabis that have worked for some. The do bupe and don't prescribe Benzos. don't even try.

or there's Victoria st Medical Centre do implants as well.

marevan dosing : ^dunno if naltrexone implants really qualify as harm reduction - but thanks for the info anyway

marevan dozing : Online Data Base of most Alcohol and drug treatment and information services

marevan hazards : ^not a very good data base - out of date and incomplete. Each state has its own telephone/web service database (eg Direct Line in Victoria 1800 888 236) which will be live and complete

marey carey weight gain : edit

marfan drug : Needle and Syringe Programs in Queensland

Scroll down to the bottom and there are five location guides.

The maps will also indicate if a program is Primary (full range of injecting equipment), Secondary (mainly packs), and if it has a vending machine.

marfan drug intervention : 'Our C-ciety' Hepatitis C Peer Support and Information

‘Our C-ciety’, developed by AIVL (Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League), is Australia’s only social networking site specifically for people living with hepatitis C who have a history of injecting drug use and/or are on a pharmacotherapy program, such as methadone or suboxone. And for those who have completed hepatitis C treatment.

As a peer-based, confidential safe space ‘Our C-ciety’ allows people to ask questions, share experiences, voice concerns and learn about the latest updates in hepatitis C treatment, research, health and legal rights – with doctors available to answer those tricky medical questions about injecting, hepatitis C and pharmacotherapy.


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