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make drugs from grocery store ingredients : Anonymous Posting Forum Guidelines
Please read before posting!!
Contacts - Forum Admin and Forum Sr. Mods

Please log out of your regular Bluelight account before posting!

What is Anonymous Posting?

Anonymous posting is a forum in which users can post sensitive questions or address issues anonymously. All questions and concerns must follow the Bluelight User Agreement (BLUA).

After your question has been asked, a moderator will move your question to the appropriate forum.

Also, you may reply to your original thread by posting your reply in this forum. Your response will be moved to the original thread as soon as possible. Please note that it is easier if you provide a link to the original thread so that we know to which thread your post should be moved.

Anonymous posting is NOT a playground for users to troll, flame, source, or do anything that violates the BLUA. Please do not make posts of that nature, and please do not make anonymous posts if they do not need to be made anonymously. This provides extra work for the poor staff, and that's not very nice.

Anonymous posting IS for users who do not feel comfortable asking their questions under their original name. You do not need to create a secondary Bluelight account to post your questions anonymously. This breaks the Bluelight User Agreement by creating an alternate account. This forum has been set up so users do not have to do this.

How to post anonymously:

We have provided you with step-by-step instructions on how to post anonymously, the proper way.

If you need to post something anonymously you've come to the right place. Most forums require a registered account in order to post, but that function has been turned off here. Below, I've outlined the steps to follow in order to post anonymously in this forum.

1) Step one only applies to persons currently logged into Bluelight with a regular account. You must first log out of the site. This is done by clicking the "Log Out" link below your username at the top left corner of the screen. Sometimes you have to click it two or three times to get fully out of the system. You will know that you are completely logged out when your username is replaced with the two boxes for logging back in with username and password in that top left corner of the screen. (Usually you will be redirected to login prompt - but verify that you are completely out by looking at the top left corner of the screen)

2) Click on to start a new thread in this forum - the new thread form will prompt for a username and password just above the field for entering your post. You can put in anything at all for the username and password. If you have a regular registered account, Do NOT use your normal username and password; make something up.

3) In the body of your post, please provide an indication of which forum you would like this moved to - we aren't mind readers and our best guess may not match what you originally intended.

4) When you submit the post, the thread will appear in this forum under the fictitious name you provided (classified as a guest account).

[Edit - your post will not show immediately, do not panic. To combat the spamming this forum receives, we have made it so that posts will not show until a moderator sees it and approves it, at which time they will move it or leave it open for replies until a proper home is found. Threads are usually approved within 24-36 hrs (recall, this site is staffed by volunteers), but if yours hasn't shown in that time please try again. Thank you.] Why doesn't my post show up after I've made it?

Your post must be approved by a moderator. We keep the posts unapproved to combat spamming on our site. Your post should not be unapproved for long, so please be patient.

How to I reply to my thread or another existing thread anonymously?

You should follow the same steps as above, but please be sure to post a copy of the thread link in which you wish to have your posted moved to either in the title or the body of the post. This helps staff members know which exact thread you wish to have your response sent to so there is no confusion. Please keep in mind that Bluelight is a very large forum, and the Anonymous Posting staff do not know every single thread which exists on Bluelight.

make drugs from normal materiels : Your anonymous post will look like this. Please make sure you do not use a username similar to your regular Bluelight account. Doing such kind of defeats the purpose of posting anonymously.


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