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singulair replacement motor : It's that time again, guys and girls

The admin will be dropping notices into each forum in the coming weeks to let the regulars know that we will be pruning out all thread 6 months of age and older. We'll try to give you members, and the mods 1-2 weeks to realize this and try to save any valuable threads before they get lost in the spring cleaning frenzy. Either REPORT such valuable threads, or PM a mod with a link, or even reply to the thread to bring it back into the living - any of these methods can raise the attention of the mods to the 'valuable' thread and they can then decide to archive it or not (it remains at their discretion, and no, they don't have to save your special thread if it really doesn't warrant it).

The outcome of this is two fold. First, this should speed the server up a bit to not have to manage such a large database of dead threads. Secondly the search function will go quicker and not come back with those other 450 hits that are useless today

singulair require a refill : Just a little update:

All forums are now put on notice for the impending PRUNE across the entire site. Contact your local mods with threads worth saving. For those wondering, we do not expect this to drop your post count and we're trying to ensure that's how it all goes down. However, if post counts do drop, we're sure you'll build them right back up If your post count then gets dropped below 50, you will NOT get pushed back down into the GLer usergroup. Once you are a BLer, you will remain a Bler.

singulair respiratory infections : Next Update:

Frequent question - will post counts drop? We're taking every step to ensure this is not going to happen.

Frequent question - what about the archives? That's where the good stuff is intended to be saved from regular pruning (provided such a thread isn't simply kicked back into active discussion). So, anything in an archive is accepted as having been reviewed AND saved already, the archives will not be subject to the pruning process.

Frequent screaming whine - 2 freaking weeks? Are you kidding me? Well, no, we're not kidding but 2 weeks is proving to be a bit unrealistic (ya think, TLB? ). 2 Weeks is not a hard deadline, and we're working with the mods on how to best handle each forum on a case-by-case basis but overall the entire site will be reviewed in an effort to trim the fat. This may take several weeks, possibly a month or more, for some of the heavier trafficked forums or those who have not seen a prune in 5+ years (thereby inheriting a LOT of stuff to review before we clean house).

Frequent question - TLB how did you ever get to be so sexy? Secrets I share with Ricardo Montalban and Richard Gere. It's a select club.

singulair reviews : For those who were wondering things like:

Which forums have the most posts, and therefore the most to lose? When will *my* forum be done with this? When we're done, how well did we do?

We provide you the following quick breakdown of the forums and their threads/posts. As a forum completes the pruning process, we'll update the right column with where they ended up when it was all said and done.

Code: FORUM (oldest posts) OLD:Threads_Posts NEW:Threads_Posts Support (2003) 1,936_19,036 440_9,423 New Member Introductions (2006) 4,025_34,194 1,663_17,141 Ecstasy Discussion (2006) 11,562_238,695 3,299_98,491 Cannabis Discussion (2003) 6,351_121,753 1,572_49,680 Steroid Discussion (2004) 1,822_22,645 241_5,524 Psychedelic Drugs (2001) 15,882_268,232 10,168_230,375 Other Drugs (2003) 41,089_526,837 14,633_226,127 Drug Studies (2006) 79_801 80_825 Drugs in the Media (2003) 9,782_97,134 1,800_40,366 - The Front Page (2003) 1,122_24,535 29_1,180 Basic Drug Discussion (2004) 12,347_134,085 4,333_54,092 Advanced Drug Discussion (2004) 3,169_41,397 3,136_43,853 The Dark Side (2002) 7,330_151,896 1,927_72,162 Trip Reports (2000) 5,527_57,258 5,305_58,489 Drug Culture (2004) 4,444_185,137 954_106,621 Healthy Living (2000) 6,513_63,947 871_24,178 Current Events and Politics (2003) 12,332_225,713 2,123_79,526 Sex, Love and Relationships (2003) 11,062_265,295 2,523_119,331 Philosophy and Spirituality (2003) 3,377_92,413 627_28,766 Education & Careers (2004) 771_11,715 397_7,838 Legal Discussion (2001) 3,299_27,577 1,274_16,062 Second Opinion (2003) 6,311_125,216 1,670_72,308 Science & Technology (2005) 1,567_17,007 445_8,554 The Lounge (2006) 5,642_609,651 1,961_363,678 Music & DJs (2003) 5,931_83,063 497_27,772 Non-Electronic Music Discussion (2003) 2,941_107,747 532_65,689 Words (2002) 15,539_73,578 14,441_73,070 Film & Television (2003) 2,903_73,270 2,316_67,385 Sports & Gaming (2007) 742_19,162 403_16,709 Australian Drug Discussion (2006) 11,025_166,526 10,190_166,008 Australian Social & Events (2004) 4,005_365,354 2,054 186,538 European & African Drug Discussion (2005) 7,026_324,550 1,362_170,286 European & African Events (2006) 489_4,871 58_535 North & South American Drug Discussion (2003) 1,536_29,943 215_21,594 North & South American Social (2004) 1,540_28,441 285_17,047 North & South American Events 1,997_68,895 487_40,128 - Northeast USA (2006) 547_2,744 76_295 - Midwest USA (2006) 937_31,354 106_2,676 - Other North and South American Regions (2006) 309_1,710 54_209

singulair risks : Our thanks to everyone, as we were able to slim our database down from 2.3Gb to 1.3Gb. This has also enabled us to use the recent server downtime to optimize some of the server functions, and hopefully you will see some improvements in performance. The biggest bang, however, will be not having to sift through oodles of bullshit threads when you search for something

singulair risks in children : B to the U to the M to the P

It's that time again, SPRING CLEANING (if you're in the Southern Hemisphere). Rather than another thread, we'll re-use this old one so you have some history on things

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++


We appreciate all that the mods and members did with the last PRUNE we ran in mid-2009. However, we are due to go through it again. Luckily that last one was more painful due to several forums having not been reviewed in years and years....this time, we're looking at only trimming back threads without replies before 2010, which is only about 8 months of last years threads.

Stated more clearly - on the chopping block is any thread not replied to in 2010, but still floating in your forum.


Based on our server stats, you'll notice the forums are ranked based on how much server space they take up:

Code: Forum Posts % of database The Lounge 441831 9.9882 Psychedelic Drugs 357909 8.091 Archive - The Lounge 248500 5.6177 Other Drugs 210065 4.7488 Archive - EADD 184515 4.1712 Archive - OD 171141 3.8689 European &amp, African Drug Discussion 152946 3.4576 Archive - Australian Drug Discussion 140427 3.1746 Archive - Australian Social 114252 2.5828 Basic Drug Discussion 113940 2.5758 Ecstasy Discussion 104233 2.3563 Archive - SLR 90863 2.0541 Sex, Love and Relationships 77063 1.7421 Archive - DC 76698 1.7339 Film &amp, Television 75305 1.7024 The Dark Side 74223 1.6779 Cannabis Discussion 73586 1.6635 Drug Culture 71415 1.6144 Archive - CEP 71393 1.6139 Archive - Words 70550 1.5949 Archive - TDS 69495 1.571 Archive - ED 67703 1.5305 Australian Drug Discussion 67171 1.5185 Advanced Drug Discussion 65968 1.4913 Australian Social &amp, Events 61499 1.3903 Archive - SO 56302 1.2728 Archive - CD 54062 1.2221 Current Events and Politics 51744 1.1697 Archive - TR 51247 1.1585 Archive - NEMD 49440 1.1177 Second Opinion 5454 1.0276 You'll notice half of our top 10 'fatty' areas are archives - fair enough, they were set up with the intention of holding key reference information good for years. However, of those fat archives, several are social in nature....which begs several questions, such as
Isn't 'social' content primarily transient and relative, such that it is important to those at the time, but not so much a reference needed forever?

If it *is* such an awesome social content thread that it ought be referenced forever....should it not be in BoBL?

How much of those social archive threads are ones that got filled to 1000 posts and archived? Are they really that valuable? Do the images and links in them still work? Is it feasible to either remove them wholesale or perhaps save the 50-200 good posts from each one and get rid of the rest?

I'm sure you can come up with some more questions of your own, including the counter question of - "so, why keep social archives at all?" There is still some merit on keeping local archives in social forums (ie, SLR or SO would have some threads good for reference within their archives, which are best kept in a sub-forum for UTFSE moments). But yeah, we're going to ask for a review of the archives as well.

Why? Why are we being so cruel and heartless to not only have you prune your forums, but actually review the archives as well? Because we're bored, and there hasn't been enough whinging from staff lately aside from a few isolated issues. This one can piss everyone off No, seriously, you guys have probably seen the threads in SUPPORT regarding errors and slow loads, and you have probably experienced these yourself to some degree. We need to trim back the database to improve things, as we seem to be up against the limits of our hardware But to go one further, we've discussed our pending upgrade(s) and these are much, much easier to do with a smaller database.

To improve our bang-for-the-buck, we'll attack forums according to that listing above on database size (this lets you know when your forum is due to be pruned), but in fairness ALL forums will be reviewed.

Per the process last year, we'd like to follow what worked well by posting notice in ANNOUNCEMENTS as well as forum specific headers when a forum is being pruned. We'll create a temporary 'PENDING DELETION' folder for each forum as it is under review, allowing for the members to pitch in and bump things or ask that they be saved (mods shouldn't have to do all the work).

This thread is here for any questions or feedback as we head into this. Your help and support is essential, so we thank you.




For any discussion on this event, please see our sister thread in SUPPORT - Spring Cleaning 2010 - down under style. Thank you.


singulair rosacea : This stalled after a few months of hitting the fattest forums, but we need to follow thru before any upgrades can be performed. In an effort to keep the public more up to date with our progress, we are providing the following dashboard:




* Drug FAQs - DONE
* Ecstasy Discussion - DONE
* Cannabis Discussion - DONE
* Steroid Discussion - IN PROCESS
* Psychedelic Drugs - IN PROCESS
* Other Drugs - DONE


* Drug Studies - DONE
* Drugs in the Media - TBD
* Basic Drug Discussion - IN PROCESS
* Advanced Drug Discussion - TBD
* The Dark Side - DONE
* Trip Reports - TBD
* Drug Culture - TBD


* Healthy Living - TBD
* Current Events and Politics - IN PROCESS
* Sex, Love and Relationships - DONE
* Philosophy and Spirituality - DONE
* Education and Careers - TBD
* Legal Discussion - DONE
* Second Opinion - IN PROCESS
* Science and Technology - DONE
* The Lounge - DONE


* Electronic Music Discussion - DONE
* Non-Electronic Music Discussion - IN PROCESS
* Words - DONE
* Film & Television - DONE
* Sports and Gaming - TBD






Additionally, is hosted on the same server as Bluelight: - Not being touched

singulair rosacea swelling : bump:
Done = CD
Started = SD, CEP, P&S, S&T, EMD

singulair safe for children : EADD is done

singulair safety : Bump



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