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New Member Introductions (NMI) exists to give new members a chance to introduce themselves to the rest of Bluelight, and to ask basic questions. You're not required to introduce yourself, but it's a great way to get started!

NMI is not a drug discussion forum. You'll probably want Basic Drug Discussion for those basic drug-related questions. But if you're not sure, ask anyway and we can move your thread to the right forum.

Personal Info
Think carefully before giving out personal details on your profile. We'd discourage including your name, email, FB, Twitter, Snapchat, and so on until you're comfortable with how things work.

Looking for Drugs?



Anyone attempting to do so will have their message deleted, and may receive a warning

Greenlighter? Bluelighter?

A Greenlighter is a new member who has made less than 50 posts. To reduce spamming, trolling and the sourcing of drugs, restrictions are applied to these new accounts.

This means:
Greenlighters can Private Message (PM) anyone, but are limited to 1 PM every 3 hours. Use it wisely. Keep in mind that if you are caught abusing the PM function (trying to source, for example) there will be severe consequences.Greenlighters are restricted to 5 stored PMs (that includes everything: inbox, sent, drafts, archives). You'll have to continually delete old messages to make room for new ones.Greenlighters cannot attach files to messages.Greenlighters cannot create a Blog or post in other people's Blogs.
Once you've made 50 posts, you become a Bluelighter and the above restrictions are removed. Please note that it can sometimes take up to an hour for this change to take affect.

Until then, if you want to contact another member please use the "Send a message via email" link on that member's profile page. Be warned though that some people will have that option turned off.

Please do not post nonsensical posts to gain 50 posts to reach Bluelighter status.

Tips On Making Your Introduction

What makes a good introductory post? Here are some suggestions:

A big hello to the rest of Bluelight Tell us why you came to Bluelight?Tell us your interests and background, such as being a student, interest in films, video games, meeting other bluelighters, etc?Tell us which drugs you like?

New Member Introductions Threads of Interest

Here are several threads that may be of interest to new members:

SUPPORT FAQ - A mega-thread of all the questions you need answers to.What drug(s) were you researching before you joined? - A thread with a poll to allow you to pick several options.What part of the world are you from? - Let us know what part of the world you come from!NMI Featured Forums Archive - A comprehensive list of the forums which have been featured in NMI.How Did You Find This Site? - A thread which features a poll showing the most common referrals to BL.Support - A forum dedicated to specific questions about the site.Anonymous Posting - A forum dedicated to those who have a question but do not want to post under their own username. We will move it to the correct forum.

Existing Bluelighters - How To Greet New Members

We encourage everyone to stop by and welcome new members. Here are some tips on how to greet them:

Most importantly, be friendly. Don't scare the new users away please. Put a little thought into your greetings. Personalize rather than copypasta!Find someone in your area or similar interests? Point them to your favorite forum. This also includes the many social threads.See a new member that may need help getting through forums or the site? PM them and offer some support and helpful pointers.Think the new user's name is cool? Tell them you'd like to nominate them for the current Best New User Name competition.

maker of fosamex and zocor : Here is a list of some important links regarding information about Bluelight:

Bluelight FAQ - Overall FAQ for Bluelight including General Site Information.Bluelight User Agreement - Referred to as BLUA. By using Bluelight, you agree to these rules.Greenlighters' Guide - Guide made by Bluelight staff to help new users with questions, concerns, and functionality of this site.Bluelighting Tips - Tips regarding certain functions on Bluelight that you may or may not have known about.Staff Member Contact List - Complete list of all Bluelight staff.Administrator List - Complete list of Bluelight administrators.Senior Moderator List - Complete list of Bluelight Senior Moderators and which Senior Moderator covers which forum.


Bluelight Basics

New Member Introductions