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maio zoloft : Hi, I wondered weather this site is watched by police? And if they read some thing they want to follow up can they follow you Isp or web addy? I have a responsible job and family and my wild times are well behind me.. I post about others experiences and others wild youth! I dont want to draw any trouble my way!

mairead ryan cancer : Run a search in SUPPORT on keyword "cops" and find several related hits like:

What legal wrangles (if any) has Bluelight been embroiled in?

ANON: Are each trip report and post on bluelight a potential ticket to prison?

ip adress

..also there is valuable information in our Greenlighter Guide atop the SUPPORT forum.

mairjuana gateway drug : from faq
Question: Can't the government raid the site and make arrests on anyone who posted that they have done/sold drugs? Would it be dangerous for me to post anything incriminating?

Answer: You can be arrested for past drug sales. That being said, they'd still have one hell of a time trying to get posts into evidence, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't watch you if you foolishly posted something about drug sales.

Please keep in mind that Bluelight is more than likely monitored by the police, media, government agencies, etc. Although there is no need to be constantly paranoid, you should always be careful of what you say, and always use common sense when posting. This means that you should absolutely not trust anyone, even moderators or administrators when you meet them just because they are a bluelighter mod/admin. I am constantly surprised about how much people are willing to disclose about themselves. When interacting on Bluelight, using common sense is always strongly urged.

Your security is through obscurity, not based on any technical precautions you take. If they want to get to you, they can. They just don’t want to get everyone that rolls at a rave. Of course, if you say something really dumb it might give them more reason to look for you.

And also keep in mind that Bluelighters have been raided in the past on several different continents. It has remained unclear whether or not this is because of Bluelight, but it is always good to remember that posting something foolish could give the authorities the deciding information to raid and arrest you.

maise depression screen : I really wouldn't worry about it. I don't think cops care to much about drugs anyways. Just don't put your location down about selling and you wont get caught. I don't think that's allowed on here anyways?

maison aine alzheimers stow : yeah man the cops are gona trace your computer just cause of you describing doing pills or coke when you were young i kind of think they would have better things to do

maison aine ohio alzheimers : Paranoia gets the better of me sometimes as well, but bluelight is fairly safe. Just don't describe anything you're growing/selling/using if you wanna stay outta trouble.

maison alzheimer laval : ya man its good to a little paranoid sometimes, but living in the great white north life is pretty chilled... pharmacies sell codiene asprine, and weed is a fine up here

maison retraite alzheimer : old bill wouldn't care UNLESS u admitted to having drugs on u in your possession, showed your stash or growing pics. sold or asked for illegals.
or said u was a dealer or similar.

just saying u took illegals in the past means nothing to them, u could be making it up for one, how would they know.

maisons d'accueil sp cialis : I have observed that some find some paranoia tends to be a good thing when near anything illegal (the more illegal the more paranoia is reasonable).

BTW LEO do care about drugs (in the USA). Look into the prison industry, esp. private prisons. If there is money to be made many people jump at the opportunity no matter who they fuck over.

maitain erection : I think LEO has to already be interested in you or you have to post some stupid shit to draw attention to you (ie your massive stash in the gallery) for LEO to come looking for you. Or if someone was soliciting you for drugs and you met them in real life to buy/sell. IMO there are way too many BL'ers, too many posts, too many threads, too many bullshitters to make searching BL a practical method for busting people. It's massively easier to pull someone over, illegally search their vehicle, and then get them to snitch on their dealers. (or any other variation of this).

I used to be super paranoid about bluelight, and like the poster above me, I agree the right amount of paranoia can be healthy when doing illegal shit. But IMHO police really have to have the incentive to fuck you over to go through your computer. Your computer would most likely be an afterthought once they had real charges on you. Both times the police arrested/questioned me, they didn't think twice about my computer (which at the time could have been incriminating). I'm not saying it's impossible but when it comes down to proving something in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt words alone aren't the best evidence unless they can be corroborated with other evidence. (Like photos, phone calls, surveillance etc). But would the police want to waste all that time and money building a flimsy possession case? Possibly, but I wouldn't be overly concerned about it.

If all they have on you is words, they can't prove shit. For example nothing I write on BL is real, I just want people to think I'm cool If you've read the linked threads above and have common sense, post away dude. How could they possibly charge you for using drugs 5-10 years ago? all they have is your words, which if you're like me are a complete work of fiction

maitake allergy : kelvanE dear anonymous LEO,

i have done drugs before in my life. this is my confession.

can you get me on that?? Cute. I have a a real shitty last few days so thx for the laugh.

maitake and cancer : i wouldn't put it past sneeky fucking police or DEA to monitor and bust ones who disclose too much about their affairs. be smart...

maitake and coumadin : ha ha ha don't worry, unless your stoned, of course... they somehow are all agianst you when your high...

maitake cancer : I wouldn't worry either about cops looking on here. They barely have enough men to put on the beat let alone to have any put on here to have a nice lazy day surfing. Anybody who is clever would not put out too much info anyway.

maitake fungi perfecti : In my opinion, they only care about local/current affairs or biggest scale trade and crime.

maitake insulin resistance : Message boards can log your Ip and your Mac address... they use these two things sometimes for the ban purpose...

I would recommend using a Free proxy if your are scared...

maitake mushroom and cholesterol : if they used the information, it would be to fuck ALL of us rather than any one of us. Information can be used against us as a means of control. You shouldnt be scared of blue light though, facebook is whats scary.

They have access to every Im you send, whether it be from AIM or facebook or bluelight, in their databases. If your ever in a situation where they need to manipulate either you or the demographs you represent, they would have your whole past to figure out how to do it.

Dont be paranoid though, you guys. THe goverment is/forever shall be out friend. History won't repeat itself, as its done for generations, everything will be dandy forever


If a mother fucking te**o*ist wanted to bl*w up an event, and need to find the right one, he can see what place has the most "likes" or "im attending" and have a fucking field day.

THe internets only been around for 15 or so years, facebook for even less.

they will use it against us.

maitake mushroom and prostrate cancer : If someone writes something on this thread or other threads that the managers might not like but is funny and a joke obviously will it be deleted? Just wondering why my comment today was??

maitake mushroom and treating prostrate cancer : Related reading - Bluelight User Agreement

And while a joke is a joke, and maybe some people can't tell a joke when it smacks them in the nose....there is also the factor of saving our members the embarrassment of a visit from Law Enforcement, especially over a joke.

maitake mushroom cancer : I know what's right and wrong anyway i don't need to read anything but a jokes a joke.
I have a shed load of pills if anyone wants some free and a brand new cumbineharvester something like that it went. I think the last bit screams out it's a joke BL especially for any coppers that might read.

maitake mushroom coumadin : Good question to ask. I always wonder about shit like this. But yea overall just be smart online. It's no different than going up to a random guy on the street and asking for drugs, so don't do it here.

maitake mushroom ovarian cancer : Yes, police enforcement watch this site and all others like it. Not necessarily to catch people, but rather to see for themselves which drugs are being consumed, for instance.

maitake mushrooms and cancer : I get very paranoid sometimes but heyi realise it has a lot to do with being a stoner haha
Paranoia is a potheads best friend,
but also his worst enemy :d

maitake mushrrom and cancer : ^ Cop. lol.

Sure they watch, but in the USA with out Gov'ts warrantless wiretapping should be the least of your worries.

maitake on cancer : Use TOR if you're that paranoid:


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