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male impotence supplement : (this is a work in progress. please feel free to add comments or suggestions)

Q: How do I make reports/add comments?

A: You need to be registered with the site.

Q: I can't login! Help!

A: If you're visiting the site for the first time you'll need to register an account. If you previously had an account registered on the old Pillreports website then you'll need to re-register that account. If you're username is already taken unfortunatley you'll have to pick a new one.

A: Request a password reset from the main page, your password may be wrong.

A: Check your username, you may be enterting that wrong too.

Q: What if I can't find information on a specific pill on

A: DON'T EMAIL US FOR INFORMATION. The only information we have is what you, the users of the site, supply. There is no hidden stash. Visit our sister harm reduction website and post in the pill request threads there and somebody may be able to help you.

Q: Where can I get such and such pill? Can I buy in bulk from you?

A: We don't know, we don't care, don't ask us, don't email us, don't post in report comments about it. This site is about harm reduction only. The fastest way to get the site closed down is to stray from that.

Q: Why didn't I get a response back from the email addresses listed on the site?

A: We may be very busy or more likely your request was ridiculous, badly phrased, related to soliciting, requested explicit pill information or you spoke to us like an over sexed AIM teen. Re-think, and if your question is still vaild, re-format and try again.

Q: How should I be formatting emails to the contact email addresses listed on the site?

A: See above answer. Basically if you want a decent response from us then write your question in a comprehendable format. Conform to general email etiquette ( If you speak to us like a chimp we'll reply like one. Or rather we won't. We'll just fling our faeces at you.

male impotence treatmen : Looks good to me.

I would add the following:

-"Molly" reports are not allowed. (of course they're going to ask, "Why not?", so an explanation of why would probably be good...)

....and the question of the moment (at least on the Ecstasy Discussion board here @ Bluelight)....

Q: "Is safe?"

This is a question coming up a lot lately on the ED boards here...perhaps more people would be comfortable posting their pill finds if they had some kind of reassurance that PR was "Safe"?

I particularly love the part about "flinging our feces at you"....

male impotence treatment : Q: Why can't we post "Molly"/capsule reports?

A: There is a lot less of a guarentee that the contents of one capsule will be the same as another, than there is of one pill to another.

It takes a lot of effort to make a copy of a successful pill logo. It takes exactly NO effort to get capsules of the same colour as some with a good reputation, and use that to pass off crap. All pillreports must be taken with a grain of salt as logos, ultimately, don't mean much. Capsule colours mean less than nothing.

Q: Is Pillreports "safe"?

A: Nothing in life is safe. But Pillreports is about making things safer.

If by "safe" you mean "Can I get into trouble for posting about the drugs I have taken?" then the answer is essentially no.

Technically speaking, we do not log IP addresses so even if law enforcement asked us for our logs we could not give them anything. All we have is what you post publically, and that is what you post. You have to take ultimate responsibility for that.

Under every jurisdiction we have looked into the worst that online references to your past personal drug use could be considered is third hand hearsay. We have been unable to to find a single case successfully prosecuted on the basis of such evidence, especially not from internet postings.

However, the important parts of that is "personal" and "past". If you talk about future events, or about trafficking or dealing in anyway, then you are asking for trouble and you just might find it. This is why we strictly ban any such talk, and also ban the posting of images of more than a few pills.

This is the rule on Bluelight and this is the rule on Pillreports. They have been the rules here for over 7 years now and no one who has followed those rules has ever been in trouble.

male impotence treatment atlanta ga : Hi Johnboy,

Perfect! :::Claps hands:::

Now do ya mind if I post the last Q&A about the "safety" of PR over on the ED boards? That'd probably clear up a lot, as people are asking about server logs, traceworks, google-analyzer, everything.

And I thought I was paranoid.


male impotence treatments : Don't mind at all. We should make an effort to let people know our policies, and the reasons behind them, as much as possible.

male impotence vacuum pumps : Q: What is's privacy policy aka "Who will you give my information to and how is it stored"?

A: Your information (username, password and email) is stored in a secure database with your password being encrypted in a one way algorythm. We will never sell nor give out your information without your express permission first and even then there'd be some major consultation for that to happen. will never ask you for your username or password (unless you're discussing an account related issue with us and generally you'll give us some identifying feature first). We basically will not initiate any "phishing" type emails.

Phishing is a term associated with attempts to fraudulently aquire sensitive information (in's case) username, passwords or email addresses. This is normally done by a person masquerading as a trustworthy source in what may be termed as official electronic communication (ie. us sending you an email asking for your username/password combination).

It is up to YOU to protect your identity. DO NOT USE usernames that are related to your real name or email addresses that obviously identify who you are (ie. work emails or student accounts from your local school, university or college). Please use common sense.

Q: Should I send you an email with a real email address?

A: Hell yes! Don't be a jerk. If you want us to take your comments seriously then give us a chance to reply to you. If you don't supply a real email then don't expect us to read your comments.

male impotence with anal sex : Q: What happened to the ratings system?

A: In essence nothing has changed:

MDxx High = what used to be 8,9,10
MDxx Med = what used to be 5,6,7
MDxx Low = what used to be 2,3,4
Adulterated = what used to be 1
Bunk = what used to be 0

All we are doing is removing the endless "It was a total 9" "No, you dick it was such an 8.5!" BS discussion that would happen.

A strong pill is a strong pill, a weak one is a weak one. Everything else is just too subjective to be useful.

male impotency : Bravo gentleman. I think you covered just about everything. Only thing Id like to add is if your post is deleted its because it contained no useful or relevant data. (i.e. test results or a first hand report, not how yer friends all rolled).

Also, Id like to point out something ruski said. PROTECT YOUR IDENDITY! I seriously cannot stress this enough. Don't use the same name you use on other boards. Don't make your username the same as your myspace or your xxxboard. I have personally been able to find out information on users because of posters not being careful. Not gonna go into details, but if its that easy for me, imagine what others could do.

male impotency at : ^^^agrees w/TRS @ deleted reports.

I just deleted a report called "Molly McRolls-A-Lot". (FYI)

male impotency cheating : RavenousBlonde recomended i cross post a post from another thread into this one as it was an idea for your FAQ.

You should make a must read that people can...well, read, to know what facts are facts and myths are myths, like telling them not to post that there was dope in their pills because there is pretty much NEVER heroin in pills. You know, just clear the air for them on some things (even though, they should be educated about that before they decide to even take pills, but we all know that will never happen.) Have it so that they have to read before posting. Just my $.02 And by the way, i like the new pillreports a lot. keep up the good work.

male impotency from over : Question: When to put a warning on a pill?

Question: Can a pill be rated as MDxx only and have written somewhere in the post "couldnt fall asleep"?

IDK ive just seen a lot of posts lately that are like, well this was a great pill, i rolled for 8 hours off one and i couldnt sleep or eat for three days, but they were super clean and "da bomb" ...all of which flies in the face of everything ive known about pure MDMA. sry to vent but its really pissing me off, if the site is to be of any value, the users have to at least be aware of the basic effects of MDMA.

male impotency loss of sex drive : Originally Posted by MikeyLikesE Question: When to put a warning on a pill?

Question: Can a pill be rated as MDxx only and have written somewhere in the post "couldnt fall asleep"?

IDK ive just seen a lot of posts lately that are like, well this was a great pill, i rolled for 8 hours off one and i couldnt sleep or eat for three days, but they were super clean and "da bomb" ...all of which flies in the face of everything ive known about pure MDMA. sry to vent but its really pissing me off, if the site is to be of any value, the users have to at least be aware of the basic effects of MDMA. Well, in a "Perfect World", we could make all Pill Reporters take a quiz to see if they're MDxx smart enough to post a report BEFORE they post it.

It's like the big boss says: "All you can do is keep screaming!" Eventually, and hopefully, they'll get the point eventually....

But this is a good idea. I'm sure the admins will see this, and if they don't, I'll suggest it to them.

Thanks, Mikey! Keep your eyes peeled - good things are coming!!!!

male impotency penis pumps : Are IP's recorded via Apache or other software or deleted automatically just in case the server was ever seized?

male impotency psychological effects : Q: Are IP's recorded?

A: No. They are collected momentairly (when a user makes connection to the server) for statistics then generated into anonymous graphical representations only accessible by administrators.

male impotency stages of grief : New to bluelight, excuse any mistakes I potentially am about to make, but I need experienced help. I was taking suboxone 8mg 2x daily and tapered off. Last couple days I took 2 a day to get high, it worked. It has been over 24 hours since I last had 8mg of subox sublingual, and I have a norco rx waiting for me. Should I wait? Or should I pick it up in hopes of getting nice and fuzzy? Any advice is appreciated!

male impotency treatments : Super expert, invaluable advice. It is appreciated, thank you!

male impotent : Hey batmansgirl, this is the Pillreports Discussion board, it doesn't deal with opiate withdrawal or Suboxone/buprenorphine. I recommend reading through and then asking your question in the Suboxone Megathread which is over in the Other Drugs forum, one of the forums that specifically deals with opiates and related topics, you'll find all the professional/experienced advice you need over there.


male impotentence erection : Thank you, N T!!


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