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Can it be mescaline?

EZ Test Marquis - cant see solution

Need help identifying results

psilocybin/mushroom testing?!?

Simmons vs. NIK U Reagent

First timer.....please help confirm my results/relieve anxiety! Thanks!!

Mexican Codeine LERTUS

Testing MDMA with Mecke Kit, but cannot determine the substance

chems that change purple/black

EZ Test one time use viles, for rolls... Need experienced answers please..

very slow colour change to purple/black

HI need help with results ! cant figure it out !

flash of green mandelin?

X test kits location? Hope it's not "sourcing!"

Really fast reactions?

Help identifying roxycontin!?!?

strange marquis reaction. strange pills ?

Where to purchase testing kits.

Just Tested These Crystals with Marquis Regeant

Need help identifying substance

bright yellow on mecke and marquis. please help


Simons turned black?

EZ Test Question

Strange marquis reaction

Searching for pill testing kits !

Red MXE Marquis Reaction

help identify this "molly"

Identification Help

Reactions to Mephedrone mixed with mdma

Quick Question About Reagents


Need help Identifying pill with Mecke reagent test

Mandelin Yellow, Marquis Green, Mecke Orange/Brown... I say 2C-B, what do YOU say?


Eztest contact anyone? their 'support' system is rubbish

Where to Find ez test complete?

Confused by marquis, pics inside.

dxm+codeine mixture?