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The Dark Side Anonymous Posting Thread

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Should I worry about high prolactin levels after being hit with Invega Sustenna

urgent help

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I love methylphenidate

Jabs for jewels

Sex toys to eygpt?? Sharm?

Taking Mimosa hostels and B Caapi to another country on airplane


I'm in trouble...

Worried about cousin overdosing

Edit Past Posts During Ban?

Codeine withdrawal...questions

One Day With Obama, Next Week Out of a Job

Anyone tried reducing baclofen using valium?

A lot of klonopin and other random stuff to talk over while tweaked.

Clonazepam 2nd time using tablet, effect is not as same, but very weak.

Simulation Travel

anonomouys option in suggestion "stickys"

Only the dark side of anonymous posting's get any actual replies, Why ?

adderall and kratom?

yo im not a spammer i swear

im on day 3 of Norco withdrawal. When can I redose without having to start W/Ds over?


immodium + hydrocodone w/d

Faster way to fill bottles?

Relationships Scare Me

Some Information Required Please...

Clonazepam and Oxycodone

please review the forum rules/guidelines

Interaction? Vyvanse, propranolol, OxyContin; necon, neurontin

OK, wtf

Need help, worried. Much alcohol, venlafaxine and mdma

A little over my tolerance!

Elusive ghost posts...

Amisulpride and Psychedelics/empathogens

a question

sublingual saboxin questions

San Pedro extraction problem.