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Why can't I post? Trying to ask advice

New member have a Question

(probably not important i think but too fucked to tell) don't let me post rn, mmk?

Bluelight Blogs?

How can I make my profile and add a pic or avatar using my iPhone?

Why can't I post a question?

the lounge discussion v. september 2016

Personal Journal

Where can I read the story of BL?

Low dose morphine and wait time for suboxone

Pain of withdrawal

Manufactuer Names

Definition of base is incorrect - BDD dictionary

Posting Help Needed

browser in private mode - getting logged out

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Manual Signature question

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Embedding youtube videos on permitted forums with Android smartphone

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Tryptamine*Dreamer, Lost password, at the end of my rope, ready to go

Storage for PM's - Anyway we can get an increase?

I need a mod or admin please

Can we get a front page sticky about the ban on Kratom and a link to the petition?

RE: HELP!! My methadone clinic is trying to kill me!

I wanna be a bluelighter, but I'm a greenlighter!

TapaTalk ?

Question please

Why is one drug demonized by a mod but other drugs not?

is there any way to see the post for which you have received an infarction?

Is there a secret group or private chat area?

Donation money questions

Speed comedown help tired bloodshot eyes

unique question

Hello mods, I have an idea, but no idea how you would integrate this :)

Robotripping in Japan: Is it even legal?