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Access to old bluelighter account

all i want to do is die

Report security warnings here

Being logged out constantly (often losing a lengthy post)

Editing a post in a closed thread?

coming off oxy using hydro taper

Umm send me account activation email please? That would be fking great.

Can't read rachamim blogs anymore

trying to figure out a password change..

Pc use of site vs mobile use


Can you say anything you want in your blogs?

[Please Move to Support] Banned for Supposedly Trolling

how do i post a pic with a thread

Screen name change

Can't Edit Posts On Mobile Site.

What happened to....

Here we go 'round the Suboxone bush! UGH!

coming off oxy using hydro taper

coming off oxy using hydro taper

Pain/ withdraws/ more pain!!!! grrrr

No https + inbox quota unacceptable

What are the busiest/quietest forums?

Merge PD and ED

Help. Profile editing

how to become bluelighter

Name change

post opened closed reopened and closed again

BL mobile pm

Searching for threads by name

Watching or Subscribing to Threads

Can't choose a thread prefix

BlueLighter Status PLEASE : )

Account status

Missing thread in the EMD section?

Automatic Log-Off Time (too quick)

I always get kicked/logged out after some period of time, could be around 10 minutes?

Account activation wait time?

Why can't I ignore moderators?

Forcing HTTPS (SSL) throughout the site?