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celebrex esophagus : I'm looking at that blister of tramadol as I write these lines.

I made myself the promise that I would write this post before taking tramadol again. I have had enough of it, I hadn't planned a time when to go off the tramadol but over the last few days of withdrawal (WD), I have made my plans. I want to go off it forever.

I have been a tramadol user for these last 3 years, of which the last 2 have been on an almost daily basis except for those times when I would go off for a few days or a few weeks at a time, when my tolerance was still small enough and going off them only produced very mild WD symptoms.

Tramadol, however, has been my drug of choice.

As I write these lines I am on my 10th day of WD, can't really remember as I have been loaded on benzos to help with the WD and my memory is hazy. I did take tramadol 5 days ago, and found myself getting a worse WD after that single day of dosing. You are one nasty drug tramadol, I swear. I hate to love you.

It all started 3 years ago. Going through some personal dramas, I could not sleep and started to become depressed. One day, I remember I had some tramadol and being the drug wannabe amateur chemist that I am, I knew that its ability to release serotonin could surely help somehow. I had used it very sporadically before and found it had some AD effect so I thought, WTF, let's try it. I had to go to work that day, was feeling emotionally destroyed from the lack of sleep and depression, and 2 capsules later, I was feeling like a million bucks.

I knew I was onto something.

I started using it sporadically for those days whenever I hadn't gotten some sleep the night before (long term insomniac here). This was for about a year. I then went on a daily dose of 3 caps (2 years ago). The rest is, well, you know the story.

I always thought I was smarter than the drug. In fact, I managed to stay on a 3 caps dose (150mgs) for a year, it's fast acting AD effect never wore off. That effect, the effect it gave me upon taking a good dose of caffeine in the morning and then my 3 caps, oh my, pure utter bliss. Screw MDMA, screw cocaine, screw anything else in my life: everything would be lifted off me. No, I wasn't high, it was like I was me, like I could actually function better as a human being. I tried to be smart about the dose, trying to take days or even a couple of weeks off, trying other stuff (St John's Wort, methylphenidate, tyrosine). Nothing ever came close to what 3 caps of tramadol would do in the morning. Nothing.

Two years later, I don't know who I am without the drug or even how I am. I have built my last 2 years on tramadol and I have done a lot of stupid shit that at least I know I would not have done without the drug. I have ADHD and quite possibly other mental ailments (bipolar, mild depression) and I know that the tramadol was my way of self-medicating. Tramadol did nothing for my focus but OH GOD, did it give me that motivation in life. I swear, I am looking at them right now as I type these lines, the blister of 10 caps is right next to my laptop. I'm looking at it in this precise moment. It's like motivation and happiness in a freaking capsule. Unfortunately, these days I have to take 5 (250mgs) to feel what 3 once gave me.

The highest I have ever done is 650mgs and only taking clonazepam prior to avoid seizures. However, a more therapeutic dose I have found as tolerance rose was 350-400mgs. The WD, of course, is bad. I feel for those who are on doses higher than I have had, for years at a time and have had to face WDs. You may think tramadol is an amateur drug or not hardcore but the WD is brutal.

I have a final project to finish. I started it when I was on tramadol and I ran out of tramadol some 2 weeks ago. I could not even think about that project when I run out of tramadol. Not only the WD was hampering my ability to even think straight but I knew that without the tramadol, I could not do it. This project is essential to my life in that I have made it my goal to finish it. After these 10 days of hellish WD and coming to terms than I don't even know who I am, I have made the following goal:

I have 3 weeks to finish this project. I will resume the tramadol but after I finish this project which I had started and which is an important part of my life, I will be done with tramadol. Forever.

Time to face my life without the trams. I don't like the prospect of living my life attached to this pill, it's an awesome temporary patch but it is time to let it go. The WDs are nasty but what is nastier is not knowing who I am anymore.

I am going to have to relearn to live without tramadol and that is the harder part of it all. I have created a plan and have allocated time off everything in my life to face the WD and the relearning process. I know it will be about a month before I can begin to enjoy life and rediscover my life again. But I cannot continue to neglect me, to not know who I am.

I will also seek professional therapy. I have lied to doctors and phychs to score more tramadol, I have lied to my close family members and also the family of my S/O. I have lied to myself. I am a good person but tramadol was the priority number 1 in my life and if I had to lie, I would surely lie.

I don't blame my life debacle on tramadol. I will tell you now that this drug is a miracle for those who are in desperate need to have relief on their lives. As a painkiller it is absolute rubbish, at least to me, but its fast acting AD effects saved me once from destroying my life. Of course, I bought time with tramadol and I knew, deep inside, that the moment would come to say goodbye to her (tramadol). The moment is after this project.

Life has its ups and its downs. On tramadol, when life had its down all it took was taking some more and the down became an up. I have done some great things on tramadol but also some utterly disgusting things too. I have lied to myself.

I promised myself yesterday that before taking the tramadol today I would write this post. As I walked to the pharmacy today I was considering just taking the tramadol on the spot and screwing the writing of this post because I would have to wait one hour to sit down first and write these lines. Somehow, I have managed to do it and now look at that blister knowing that all I am buying is time and a temporary patch of happiness. After this temporary patch, I will face hell and I am aware of what I am doing by taking tramadol again. This time, however, I am determined. I love the feeling it gives me but I just cannot continue like this, I cannot. I don't know myself, tramadol stole my soul and who I was. And it was me who let it do it, no one else's fault.

When I am finished with these 3 weeks of tramadol use, I will go back to this post and when the WD kicks in and I feel like life has no purpose and feel suicidal (as the WD has me feeling), I will read these lines which I wrote. The lines which were written as I was starting to feel a bit better as the WD had started to subside yet I decided to buy myself some time again with her.

Tramadol, the drug I hate to love.

P.S: I will look at any comments posted in the meantime as I lurk. No need to post if you don't want to, this is just a post I have made to remind myself of what I did without tramadol as I was starting to feel better. Thanks for reading and please do not quote this post if commenting

celebrex esophogus : I feel you, I'm a long-term opiate abuser myself, and it does have it's terrible ups and downs.... stick with quitting, it's better that way.

celebrex expiration : Oh man! Any and all forms of WD I have experienced in my life have been brutal! Best of luck to you as it sounds like after this batch your going to stop for good. Bottom line is when we get addicted to anything, sex, drugs, gambling etc etc we become slaves. Seriously, the best of luck to you becoming independant!

celebrex expired : Definitively going to stick it out after my planned session, thanks for the support.

Yesterday, I took 250mgs plus 100mgs some 4 hours later. Now, the usual AD effect was sublime but about 8 hours after taking the first tramadol dose, I start nodding the hell out, to the point that it was uncomfortable. I took a lot of caffeine with the tramadol as I usually do as I find this potentiates the AD effect and I went outside to tan as it was sunny outside.

When I felt the opiated sedation it was very uncomfortable. I was drifting in and out of consciousness, sweating and having some weird twitches. The tramadol + caffeine combo is one I have taken many times but the opiated effect was much stronger than before. I actually stayed up a few hours and was monitoring my temperature in case I was having mild serotonin toxicity. It was that scary and tramadol is one of those funky substances that can do unexpected stuff.

Today I have just taken 250mgs and I am feeling loopy, definitively something is going on. Goes to show how tramadol can be such a dirty drug to mess with, I have never enjoyed the o-desmethyltramadol anyway.

The opiated effect felt more like it was 500mgs of tramadol, not 350mgs, the AD effect was the same though. Coincidentally, I find the AD effect to be resistant to build up in tolerance were it is the opiated effect the one that builds up quickly to tolerance.

Man, I'm outta here, it's not the first time tramadol scares me like that.

celebrex extraction : My experience with tramadol w/d is that it hits hard, but is over quickly. I used to take 500-600mg/day for 2 years straight-then my supply was stopped. I got really sick for two days then a week of depression- but after that I felt fine.

One thing you might try id weening down. Can you function if you take 1/2 your daily dose? If so, you could ween down over a few weeks slowly. You really have to be comitted but my brother did it and he said it was relatively painless. But first you have to get down to like 250mg/day.

celebrex eye damage : Thanks man. I'm trying to stick to 300mgs from a common 400-450mgs dose. I take the tramadol for productivity and motivation and I am going to need this for the next coming 2 weeks. This is why I have gone back to them as I have to finish this project and then I have planned to face life without trams.

I find the psychological part of the WD to be the worse. Suicidal ideation occurs to me upon 24 hours of WD. That and feeling like the worse person ever, despite I know it isn't true. It's a killer (some pun intended).

celebrex eye drop : Wanted to pass by to also say that when I wake up, I have nausea and vertigo. It's very uncomfortable and I experienced this after just one day of going back to trams despite a 10 day break.

Not sure if this is WD or the hangover part but it's very pronounced. I actually take my tramadol something like 8 hours before going to bed + 6 hours of sleep equates to something like 14-16 hours since the last dose and I feel nauseous and vertigo. Only a 250mgs dose fixes that in minutes.

I am also getting some pronounced tremors which I have noticed for some months now. They are worse when I wake up and haven't taken my tramadol yet. It is getting to a point that I cannot keep read the screen of my cellphone when I am holding it in one hand. I am also losing sight in one eye; I know this could be unrelated to the tramadol and I am making myself the promise to have this looked at by a specialist as part of my "new life" (sans the tramadol).

Lastly, I am starting to get some weird twitching and big headaches, which didn't use to happen from 300mgs doses. Yesterday, I felt like I was going to have a seizure, I kept losing track of what I was doing and having depersonalization issues. The latter have always been an issue with tramadol and sometimes causes anxiety attacks (I keep asking myself if this is real life).

I have also posted on the Advanced Drug Discussion a question on whether tramadol could be activating hypomania/mania in me as I believe I may be bipolar.

Dirty drug.

celebrex facts : um, not sure on advice- low dose of bupenorphine to help the rattle w/ benzos. I've seen docs throw people on methadnoe for tramsm and dhc (I know wtf?)

What is it you're addicted to the anti-dp side or the opiate feeling? I've always wondered why trams work SUPER SUPER well on one person while myself can take 500mg+ and get very little whist my mate is all "it's fuckin' amazin"

celebrex fatigue : Anoymator:
First off - good luck bro , kicking sucks, I'm a habitual opiate addict although tramadol never was my doc I know people who have struggled with it and it has been hell for them to kick it. Any drug kick sucks too me period.
A point on tram activating hypomania / mania - when I was put on SSRIs my god it was absolutely over, I went so hypo it left a huge mess behind me when i finally ended up section 12d. So any bump in serotonin (as we know trams do), I could easily see affecting this state if you are also prone to it.

Good luck bro,

celebrex fda : Thank you all for the comments so far.

I am writing this in the morning without having taken the tramadol yet.

Initially I was just intending to leave that post as a reminder to when I have to hit the withdrawal but I think it is better that I document a bit of the whole procedure of using it again and how it fucks up my life slowly. Remember, I have only gone back to the trams because my life right now doesnt allow for me to face withdrawal due to the need to be productive in these coming 2 weeks, afterwards, I'll be facing WD.

Woke up again, have been taking 450-500mgs for a couple of days, took 350 yesterday and fuck I could feel it wearing off by the end of the day. Managed some sleep, 6 hours and I have made it my goal to NEVER go over 350mgs. The benefits of any increase in dose after 350mgs are less than the disadvantages, and it just leads to increased tolerance.

I have about, I think, 80x caps of 50mgs. My goal is to go off turkey when I am stable at 250mgs, preferably 200mgs. Stable means that I am not panicky/having hardcore derealization and can get some sleep at night. Going cold turkey at 350mgs is suicide especially since I dont have any more codeine to help the WD (I have a huge stash of benzos, thankfully). The problem I am anticipating is using benzos to help the WD as a benzo addiction is about the only thing worse than a tram. addiction but benzos help the "I wanna die" part of WD as they sedate me (I can still feel the fucking burn in my skin and the RLS). Fuck you tramadol.

Nausea, acid burn feeling in the stomach (new side effect!), vertigo, hardcore derealization (especially as tramadol wears off, I swear, it feels like I am not living a real life, sends me into panic mode), depression, lack of energy: all of these are the effects of waking up and not having the drug coursing my veins and hitting my brain.

As all drug addicts, my life is less than stellar. Tramadol has been a temporary patch and my life has kept on going downhill (can't really remember when it was uphill). The thrill of fake happiness capped in a pill was too much and led me to live my life for many months in a delusional state. I am writing these words from my room looking at the street and the world continues to spin around and people continue to live their lives as you putrefy each day on your way to an early coffin. If there is something that a drug addiction has taught me is that the world will continue to move on as you dissappear slowly into a dark hole. Yes, some people will give a shit but the reality is that you and I are mere atoms, mere working bees, and life is much tougher than what we thought in our early years when we were told "you can be anything you want". Sad thing is, I am "only" 28.

I know my words sound negative and attention whorish but, don't worry, I have my motherfucking big stash of trams right here next to me. I am in a mess, my room is in a mess, my relationships are in a mess, my life is in a mess, but I can buy myself some hours in the ride of "happy life" with these yellow & green bitches.

I leave you now folks, I'm off to take my starting dose of 5.

Oh, and don't do tramadol!

celebrex fda medicine : How much caffeine did you take with your tramadol dose? You drank coffee or have you taken caffeine tablets?

celebrex fda recall risk : Originally Posted by THCified How much caffeine did you take with your tramadol dose? You drank coffee or have you taken caffeine tablets? Anything but coffee, coffee gives me explosive diarrhoea.

celebrex fibromyalgia lawyer : That means? And which dose btw?

celebrex fluid retention : Jesus, I am getting some mild anxiety from 350mgs/day and some background nausea. I am also not able to fully get my act together to finish my goal. This is not going very well, I have about 8 days left of my stash. Essentially, it looks as though I am going to need more "functional time" to be able to finish this goal but as soon as my tramadol runs out, I will be anything but functional. The clock is ticking away and that is causing me more anxiety/stress.

I have also popped 0.5mgs of clonazepam now to help the anxiety which I should not be doing as clonazepam should only be used for when it gets nasty as I should only use this benzo for a max. of 2 weeks to help the rapid WD.

Lastly, I suffer from a health condition that, while I rather not disclose here for privacy concerns, impacts my quality of life and in these last 2 days has taken a turn for the worse which I believe has been prompted by my high intake of tramadol. Oh the dramas of an addict, even if it is to such a non-hardcore drug.

Need to stay focused and finish this goal I have.

celebrex fluttering : Can't do this.

celebrex for achilles tendinitis : Anoymator, what is the worst thing you are going through right now? Is it cravings? Is it head trips worrying about the future of how you are going to do this or the actual cravings to do it right now?

celebrex for ankle tendonitis : Originally Posted by herbavore Anoymator, what is the worst thing you are going through right now? Is it cravings? Is it head trips worrying about the future of how you are going to do this or the actual cravings to do it right now? I took 5 caps (250mgs) and it eased the withdrawal. As I wake up, this is what I feel:

- Extreme vertigo. Feeling of losing balance all the time.
- Nausea. Wow, this is very noticeable.
- My eyes feel like they are having electricity going on. Everything looks too bright.
- Every freaking sound disturbing my silence (click of the mouse) feels like a knife going through my brain.
- Depression: no point in living.
- Emptiness: like my soul has been ripped off.
- Major irritability.
- Weird feeling similar to amphetamine crash.

With taking 250mgs, all the above are smoothed except the brightness thing. As I write, everything feels fucking bright, it's so annoying as I have to keep my eyes half closed to be able to see properly.

celebrex for arthritis : Seriously, the tramadol withdrawal is up there with the worst of drug withdrawals. I am keeping this thread alive not only so as to remind myself that I need to go off this devil but also to document to others what they are getting themselves into by getting addicted to tramadol.

I'd like to think that my WD is not that bad in that I have seen people on +400mgs for a year or more. If there is a reason to commit suicide, it would be in such scenarios.

EDIT: Holy fvck folks. The eye brightness, it's never been this worse. It's so fucking annoying, it feels like when your eyes are dry and you need to wet them, only that it's constant. I am also getting random flashes in my eye vision. Jesus, and I am on 250mgs of tramadol already.

Please, make sure to have benzos if you are planning to wean off this shit, benzos are the only thing that eases the withdrawal immensely. I have clonazepam, pregabalin (it's a godsend for the WD too), clonidine, trazodone and codeine all prepared for the WD. I am not worried about the pain and diarrea, it's the SSRI-esque WD effects that scare me.

Wow. I am a strong guy by the way (as in not only psychologically but also physically strong) but this WD is enough to scare me. Thank god for having built up a huge stash of benzos in my case (never abused them).

EDIT 2: Fvck this shit. I need to remain somewhat productive for a few more days which is why I haven't started the weaning off properly yet. Have taken an additional 100mgs (for a daily count of 350mgs), let's see if this fixes my eyes' thing. I don't want to touch the benzos as of yet until I start the weaning off because every day that I am on benzos is another day added towards a potential benzo habit (I'm looking to be on benzos for about 2 consecutive weeks to allow for a rapid detox).

celebrex for dog : Please be aware that this post has been written right now as I withdraw hence the frequent use of swear words and rage-induced writing. Do no quote this post if you are going to reply. Thanks.

Ran out of pills.

Managed to get down to 300mgs before cold turkeying. I could not stand 300mgs alone so was knocking myself out with a benzo or pregabalin.

About 24 hours since last dose of tramadol, the other tram ride begins now.

Feeling like this, I am so aware that tramadol ripped my soul and took my life. I was taking tramadol to feel normal, I don't even remember when I felt normal undrugged. Shit.

I am also 99% sure that I am bipolar. I also believe that tramadol was throwing me into a hypomanic phase softened by the opiate property it has. To me, it was like a nice beautiful stimulant that gave me motivation and energy. But it also gave me feelings of thinking I was the best,of being invincible and I have done some fucked up things on tramadol that I regret. I would not even like it when it started feeling like an opiate; to me, the first hours of a dose were like as if everything had positioned together in such a way that I could make the most of my life, hence the feelings of being the best motherfucking shite on this planet. Wow, I look back and I've done some fucked up things.

Coincidentally, I have also done this fucked up "I am the best" shit when I wasn't undrugged. That's the reason why I believe I may be bipolar.

I got a script here of methylphenidate which I hate and which, as any bipolar person, throws me into a psychotic stage. Good thing is I also have some benzos and more stuff but I am already starting to feel the lack of serotonin stimulation that tramadol gave me. Every minute that passes, I am starting to feel worse.

I was self-medicasting for all this time and I need to have this looked at. I am already seeing a psych but I fool around with her to give me what I want. One of the good things of being bipolar, I guess, is that when you are hypomanic you can convince people with ease. I've been getting all these tramadols as I lied to doctors and if one said no, I would ensure that I contacted another doctor and get my trams. Unfortunately I got a box a week ago and smoked through those like a champ so I can't get another one. Someone who knows me very well is going to go to the doctor and lie to him to get tramadols and this person will then give them to me. If that isn't disgusting, I don't know what isn't. This person loves me to pieces so this person is doing it because this person has seen what it is like for me to start withdrawing.

I feel like a failure and powerless without the tramadol. It's like this withdrawal is sinking me into an even worse hole than a depressive episode of a bipolar person would. Luckily, I have enough benzos here to kill an elephant so I will be putting myself to sleep with them to wake up tomorrow, hungover from those little shits, and face a new tramadol-less day. I've been through tramadol WDs and the 2nd day isn't any better, so there, I can't say tomorrow will be a better day.

The tremors are starting and as I type my hands shake. I am also positioned in such a way that I don't move my head nor my body. Only my hands are moving to be able to type. If I move, it's like having to start again, being quietless and motionless is my only haven for relief.

As I type this lines I have no drugs coursing through my veins. Essentially, I am getting a taste of what life is life as we speak. Unfortunately, this taste is masked by the fuckness of the withdrawal.

Hello, life. Long time no see.

It's cloudy outside, my room is in a mess and I haven't showered yet as dragging myself to the bathroom is like walking a mile. Another side effect of tramadol WD is that I get to stink for some fucking reason, so you can imagine my fucking state. Kids, don' t do tramadol. Hell, don't do drugs, period!

But you see. Drugs give you happiness. Drugs give you power. They accelerate your brain. They make you better.


Sorry, I am starting to feel the rage that is inherent to the withdrawal.

Drugs make you better. Steroids make you better, amphetamines make you better. What I have achieved under tramadol is something no one could achieve. Everyone tells me how I do it. Dude, you've done some crazy stuff, you are a genius!! LOL motherfucker, I was under drugs when I did it. You think I can sustain all this lengthy time of busting my ass every motherfucking day to do what I did without drugs? Someone who naturally cycles between feeling like he is the best to feeling to feeling like he wants to die? In all this time me not experiencing one bad day? I used DRUGS!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

I come from a good family. I know important people bla bla bla Everyone who is at the top of their game, EVERYONE, is on something. All successful businessmen are alcoholics, or are on SSRIs and on Concerta, are on benzos or hypnotics to get "some hours of sleep". Or are motherfucking bipolars who have managed their cycling via behavioural methods. Or have died on the way to success.

That's the reality. Looked at all those actors making millions and "living the life", look at how many of them stay for lengthy times in "special" clinics for "personal reasons" as their publicists say. How many have died of ODs, how many are known to be alcoholics, drug users. Look at the Olympics, who isn't on something. Look at that motherfucking liar of Lance Armstrong. Yeah you, taking all of those drugs to win all those Tours yet saying that going through cancer gave you the inner strength bla bla bla MOTHERFUCKER and selling all those gay plastic bracelets LIVESTRONG. Yeah fucker, everyone in the inner circle knows you were on the sauce and look how now, when the shit hits the fan and your crap comes out, you quit fighting all your battles you were fighting to prove you didn't take drugs. Yet for some reason, you try to sell the idea of fighting when it gets tough, and you quit when the going gets tough to defend your pride? You are a motherfucking drug user like the rest of us who tried to get to the top. Only that you had talent and knew how to game the system. Lying son of a.

I laugh at those saying: all you need is inspiration and desire to be able to get to the top of whatever you want to be. LOL. These same people are the same ones going to the toilet after their speech to sniff a key of coke, or who in the morning took their expensive Vyvanse so that they don't have to be taking their amphetamine 8 hours later again. Yeah, you need inspiration and desire, of course you need it. But you need more.

I took tramadol to stay at the top of my game. In what I am doing, it made me the best. I know it wasn't the drug itself that did it, it was me, but the drug made me be able to work when I didn't want to work. It allowed me to become a machine. And I progressed like no one else.

Of course, I have to pay the god-damn price. I am paying it now. Unfortunately, what I was doing was a long term thing that requires me to still be at the top of my game so I cannot afford to be in this situation. Yet I am here, on a Sunday, at the opposite of what I was 24 hours ago.

I am starting to feel the rage. I am feeling this electric sensation going up my spine to my brain and it feels like the only way to let it out is by hitting something. Good thing I am alone. It's like I want to go on the street and start shouting at everyone and if anyone dares to reply back I will kill him with my hands. The funny thing is that I remember feeling this when I was undrugged, only that now I have electricity coursing through my spine, can't move my head without the world shaking, my hands shake and moving requires me to summon too much energy.

I feel like deleting everything I wrote but it is allowing me to release some tension. I feel embarrassed of what I have written after reading it again but I guess it was my inner self expressing during this bad time.

Please do not quote this message if you are going to reply.

And no, I am not going to kill myself or am an EMO phaggot. And no, I don't blame the world for my situation, I blame me, I did this to myself and I am trying to find an alternative; a better alternative if possible. I am right now just feeling at the worse and I want this post, together with the other ones in this thread, to illustrate to others willing to sell their souls to tramadol (or to any other drug) that they will have to pay the price sooner or later. And the price isn't a nice price.

Stay safe.

celebrex for dogs : Took 600mgs of pregabalin. It has alleviated somehow the withdrawal. The problem with this drug is that it causes funky serious side effects in me. Basically, everytime I take it, I'm rolling the dice. But pregabalin is my ally in this withdrawal.

I found 2 pills of tramadol. I had hidden it for emergency purposes LOL actually, I had hidden 8 but I consumed them in the last 2 days.

I cannot be unproductive and this withdrawal will lead to 2-3 weeks of no work. Can't afford that.

I showered and cleaned my place. Felt better. The pregabalin is helping me get off my bed.

I went to the store to grab some food. The pregabalin at this dose makes me feel like I'm on ketamine. I could not walk properly on the way to the store and my fingers feel like jelly as I type. Can't even think properly nor type properly, apologies for the spelling mistakes and what not.

In the 10 minutes of the walk, each smell would take me to a past place. I came across 3 smells that made me feel like I was in the place that the smell reminded me of. As I walked, I smiled as I dug into my memory and enjoyed those moments. The last smell took me to a place I was before which I enjoyed. Unfortunately, the memory brought back the fact that I have failed at the people in that place I was taken. I became sad but still enjoyed the walk.

Everything around me feels distant. I walked and I could not recognize my house or the street. It feel alien. Shit, pregabalin is one trippy drug.

I am the typical case of that boy who had everything to be successful, whom all teachers knew was special, everyone knew I would succeed. But I failed. My life has been inconsistent, defined by ups and downs. I have achieved great things but have done bad shit. Look at me know, I have nothing and I look back and realize that those achievements were not followed with consistency, I would rapidly decline. Then, I started taking drugs to dig me out of that place and it was even worse. I don't want to say much personal and I rather keep it anonymous but I was also addicted to another drug, similar to tramadol actually, which led to the same as I have had with tramadol. Fuck, I did the craziest shit on that drug.

I can see a pattern of ups and downs, I have been labelled as an underachieving genius. I would do something great that everyone would admire and then I would decline to places like the one I am now. But if you knew me, knew my background, actually knew me in person as in my physique, you would be surprised to see me in this state. No one knows except one special person, the rest; I have distanced myself from the rest, they know I exist but that's all.

I need help because I cannot see myself in 10 years like this. If in the future I continued to be like this, trust me, I won't be making attention whore threads about me committing suicide; I'd simply do it.

celebrex for dogs rimadyl : Dude I feel you. Tramadol is my doc too. I've been 3 weeks clean now pretty solid and am starting to finally feel like I'm getting my life back, then today I almost fell off after a solid ten days of almost no cravings. Outta the blue was an understatement. And it was a bad one, thankfully my dealer didn't answer his phone and I don't have any. Ssri's have helped me tremendously because like you I started taking them because I felt unmotivated and depressed. Getting off tramadol brought those feelings back with a vengeance. In any case bring I wish you luck, you and I are in very similar boats!!!

celebrex for fibromyalgia : Hi Mate I have just signed up to thank you for putting all this down on here, about 3 months ago I had surgery and they gave me Tramadol it numbed the pain in hospital physically and mentally a three week stay in hospital Tramadol numbed out the experience.

I came out of hospital and took it for a week on doctors orders, never been addicted to anything in my life but I found myself dreading running out. Once I had run out I put in a repeat prescription in NO QUESTIONS ASKED they just gave them to me.

What you said you were experiencing at the beginning is what I am feeling now, they make me feel like a better human on them, my work gets done fast I wake up on form pretty much ready to take on the world, I feel like my mind is working faster my thought process its like I finally understand how the world works. I have withdrawal but it minimum at the moment sickness and drowsiness but only last about 3 hours and I also find coming down off them I make wrong decisions and seems to make a mess of things which I have always done right I also find I lose my cool with people.

Tonight I did a google search to see if they are good for sleep as they did in hospital and came across this thread, I have just flushed the remaining tablets down the toilet and will be telling my doctor tomorrow I no longer need them to remove access to them.

I really hope you got passed this and got better but what I can say is buy what you have written here, you have stopped someone else going through what you did, its a shame your message is not on the NHS website. Thank you again I think you have stopped me making a big mistake.

celebrex for gout : I'd watch how often you are using the benzo's and Pregabalin m8. Not having a go at you personally or anything, just would not want to see you swap one addiction for another. Benzo addiction is worse than a Tramadol addiction imho. So make sure you ain't taking them too much, too often.

celebrex for hearing problems : Good for you for quitting! Tramadol is a deceptive drug. A lot of people don't think it's addictive or can get someone high but they're terribly wrong. I took it for years and it was one of my favorite highs out of all the drugs I've tried (and this is coming from someone who was once an IV opiate user). It could be almost as powerful as stronger opiates if higher doses were taken. Unfortunately it's dangerous at higher doses because it can cause grand mal seizures. This happens a lot more than people realize. A lot of people don't even know it's the Tramadol that caused their seizure(s)...

Not only is the perception off with patients but doctors also don't take it seriously enough. It is given out like candy in most places, probably because it's known as a weak muscle relaxer that is non-narcotic. Until a few years ago it was even considered non-addictive. Obviously they were wrong.

All of this coupled with the fact that it is BY FAR the worst withdrawal I've ever experienced makes it extremely hard to quit. It screws with your seratonin and can deplete it when you're not taking it which causes extreme depression and lack of motivation. It's hard for a lot of people to even get out of bed for a while. The withdrawals also last longer than they do with other opiates.

So given all of that I think it's amazing you've made it this far. Keep going!

celebrex for infections : Originally Posted by Anoymator Tramadol, the drug I hate to love. It's not just the withdraw the Anoymator is dealing with. He must now deal with the depression that appears to be crippling him. If Anoymator was put on an antidepressant he may not feel the need to run back to the tramadol. Everyone is so focused on the Tramadol and how it improves his life, they are not looking at what it is really doing for him. It's treating his depression.


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